Meet Blake!

Blake is a big character in a small package. He is a peanut-sized 5-pound black and white male Papillon who has obviously been through a lot. He was rescued from a shelter that took him off the street as a stray. He was in the shelter well over a month, during which time he was never let out of a small cage. Because of this confinement, his rear legs atrophied a bit but he is now strong enough to run and play and keep up with the other dogs in the pack.

We met Blake through the Papillons and Playmates (PAPS) rescue in Vista, California. They are a not-for-profit organization that takes in needy Papillons, Pap mixes, and, whenever possible, some of their “playmates”. Their goal is to make the ideal match between dog and adopter by taking many things into consideration, but most importantly the needs of the dog.

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