Meet Brooklyn!

Brooklyn is a 7-year-old girl with a pretty face animated by enthusiasm for life. This dog loves the world and loves people—she is the ultimate extrovert. She is good-natured and compliant. She knows her name and basic commands such as sit, off, down and come. She will obey promptly if she thinks you might have some food for her. She has good house manners, never chews anything inappropriate, and mostly stays off the furniture. She is good with young children, too.

Brooklyn is in great health. But remember, it's always a good idea to get health insurance for your pet, no matter their age. It can really help save you money in an unexpected emergency!

We met Brooklyn through Golden Ribbon Rescue in Austin, Texas. Gold Ribbon Rescue, Inc. (GRR) was founded in 1998. They are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as recognized by the IRS. GRR's main function is to provide a network for sheltering, rehabilitation and placing Golden Retrievers in permanent homes in Central Texas.

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