Meet Jefferson!

Poor Jefferson has never been inside the house. He has never been in a car, and never visited a vet. His former family of eight years doesn't know if he is afraid of thunder or vacuum. They were just totally unable to answer any questions about their “family dog”.

The reason they gave him up is not because they wanted him to have a better life, just that they couldn’t afford him any longer. Now Jefferson is in rescue and looking for a wonderful furever home.

Jefferson is like a little puppy, discovering all kinds of new things and this is exciting! He was tested with both dogs and cats but seemed somewhat uninterested. He doesn’t seem to mind hugs and gets all excited when people start petting him. After all most of the time when he saw people, they never did much so he might not always be the first dog in line to greet new people but he is learning fast that around here, it is a different kind of people, people that love you, people that feed you regularly, people that take you for walks.

We found Jefferson currently being cared for by Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, Illinois. For more information about Jefferson, click here!