Meet Marina!

Marina is a 6 month old mixed breed girl, If she grows into her feet and tail...she's gonna be a very big girl! Marina has the sleek pointy face of a sighthound, with the superbly long tail of a Saluki or Greyhound. She is a beautiful fawn/honey color with some Merle spots and the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen. Both of her eyes are marbled blue/brown.

Marina is a sweet, very laid back puppy, she is smart and very quick to learn the rules and fun of being in a foster care situation...she fits right in and gets along well with others although she stands her ground and doesn't take anything off the bigger guys. She's so personable, she could apply for sales manager jobs!

This girl is the perfect age and temperament to begin obedience training she learns fast and has a great temperament for training to do anything. She loves to swim, take walks in the woods with friends and she loves kongs filled with treats and frozen puzzle toys filled with puppy kibble and figuring things out for herself.

Marina is currently being cared for by the Georgia Rescue & Rehab in Bostwick, Georgia.

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