Meet Pixie!

Pixie is just as sweet but loves to play! She knows how to throw her own ball and will chase it around the house. She is also very affectionate, but more independent than Focus. She likes to play and run and do dog things and would really like an active home. She likes to travel and go to the dog park.

Pixie is also crated trained, house trained, does well on the leash but will pull a little, does well with other small dogs and people. She is a little fearful of big dogs. She zooms around the house and yard and would make an excellent agility dog. She is exceptionally smart and likes to problem solve. She has amazingly acne free skin, and is approximately three years old.

We met Pixie through Crest-Care Inc. in Trenton, New York. Crest-Care Inc. is a group of individuals living throughout the Unites States and Canada who locate, transport, rescue, foster, provide veterinarian care and rehabilitates Chinese Cresteds in need until they can be rehomed to suitable, well screened homes where they will thrive.

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