Pets more of a priority during evacuations for Hurricane Gustav!

Pets are being taken into account as Gulf residents evacuate for Hurricane Gustav. A wonderful change from the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

Time will tell however when the storm passes as to what needs pets and other animals will need in the areas currently being affected by the storm. Check back here for updates on pet and animal needs following the storm.

For now, we share these articles as pets travel with their families as they evacuate:

From in Toronto:

This time, room for pets in hurricane evacuation
NEW ORLEANS–Authorities evacuating residents from New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Gustav are including four-legged friends after thousands of pets perished in Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

Animal welfare groups tried to make sure evacuees had their pets with them, while shelters away from the Gulf Coast accommodated animals this time around.

Many owners stayed in the city during the catastrophic 2005 hurricane because they could not take their pets to shelters and could not bear to leave them. Yesterday, Animal Rescue New Orleans provided boxes for residents to carry their small pets with them on buses and trains and owners lined up for machine-readable animal ID tags.

Evacuee Sylvania Moore was taking her Shih Tzu, Buddy, with her on the bus. "It's a relief that we didn't have to leave him behind."

This time, pets are included in hurricane evacuation
Elisa Miller dropped to the pavement and nuzzled her face against the neck of her fittingly named coonhound Hurricane.Then she stood up outside the New Orleans downtown bus station and watched officials lead Hurricane into a portable crate, which would then be loaded onto an 18-wheeler.

"The driver will stop every two hours to check on the pets," a worker assured her. "We'll take good care of him. We promise."

"Please do," Miller said, casting one last nervous glance before heading to a bus taking people to Shreveport, La. Read more...