Safe and environmentally friendly critter control!

If you're a dog, you love critters. Squirrels, mice, ground hogs, geese, rabbits, skunks and more!

But if you're like my Mum, you don't like them in your yard. Why doesn't Mum like them? For one thing, they make us go crazy wild! And for another, we like to eat their poo after they've been in our yard. And Mum hates that!

So what's a dog to do about critter control? Especially one, like me, that doesn't believe in harmful methods of deterring wildlife? We found an answer today. It's the Havahart® Spray Away - Motion Activated Water Repellent! What is that you say?

The Havahart® Spray Away is a little machine that's hooked up to your hose. When a critter comes into your yard, the machine senses the animal by heat and movement and sprays a clean, harmless and effective stream of water to keep them out of your hard.

The gadget has 180-degree motion and can repel deer, squirrels and all those other pesky critters I mentioned in about a 1,000 square foot area.

The unit comes even comes with an extra garden hose attachment, so multiple hoses can be run to create a system of deterrent. And it only requires a 9-volt battery, that will last up to about six months.

Now for a green dog, like me, this is the type of stuff I love to see. It's sad that some folks will resort (illegally in many cities) to chemical deterrents and even poisons to keep the critters away. Our neighbor did, and my kittie bros had to stop going in our back yard because the mice would eat the poison and then come into our yard. It was very, very dangerous!

So check it out if you've got critters that need some controlling!