All eyes are on Texas this weekend as Hurricane Ike approaches. We wish everyone to be well and safe!

Mum used to live in Texas - Houston, Conroe and Dallas at different times throughout eight years. She remembers well the first weekend she was on her new job in Houston and had moved from Indiana, there was a tropical depression (she doesn't remember the name). It rained for over 24 hours, and flooding was everywhere, even on the West side of Houston where she lived. She watched as the water came right up to the apartment door and stopped, whew! What a close call. Not long after that she moved further west in Houston, and got an apartment on the second floor. All those mushrooms growing in her spare room after the flooding was just too much.

But she liked Texas a lot while she was there. She really got into Texas life. The State Fair in Dallas and the Arboretum. She got to meet some of the Dallas Cowboys, during the back to back Super Bowl wins. And she got to go to some really fun parties, learn to two-step, and she even wore some cowgirl boots. She loved them.

After eight years living down in Texas, she wanted to be closer to her family. So she moved back to Indiana. Good thing she did, or I wouldn't be living with her, and neither would my sis Gracie, and kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy!