Meet Hooch!

Hooch is a very handsome Boxer guy that is full of energy and has his natural tail! He is very happy to be out of the shelter and in our home. Hooch loves taking US for walks, and is learning the harness and leash. He's in "school" and is learning the sit command at this very moment. He plays very well with all his new toys, and has claimed the couch for himself. Hooch is a sweet, loveable and affectionate guy who thinks he is a lap dog!

We found Hooch currently being cared for by a foster home with Florida Boxer Rescue. They are a 501c3 not-for-profit volunteer organization. Our primary mission is to identify and provide for needy Boxers who have no other support and who would otherwise be euthanized. Our secondary mission (as resources permit) is to assist responsible breeders in placing Boxers that have been returned and current Boxer guardians who, for various reasons, choose to give up their dog.

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