Meet Mason Dixon!

Mason was rescued by a good Samaritan who noticed he had been hanging around a subdivision. The residents were planning to call the dog warden, so she brought him to rescue instead. Mason is an Australian Cattle Dog whose coat, ear set, and curly tail indicate there may be a bit of Spitz in his ancestry as well.

He's a very affectionate dog who is eager to please. As soon as he is fully vetted and neutered, he will be available to an approved adoptive home. Mason will make an excellent companion and would excel at obedience, agility, rally, or Frisbee.

You may want to get out the textbooks, and do a little research on the meaning of his name - Mason Dixon.

We found Mason currently being cared for by Serenity Rock Humane Society in Ripley, Ohio. Serenity Rock is a very small, non-profit dog rescue organization located in southern Ohio. They have room for only a few dogs or puppies at one time, so they try to take those who would be adoptable but for a problem that county animal shelters don't have the time or resources to rehabilitate.

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