Meet Quick!

Quick is a very striking and beautiful Border Collie with many of the typical Border Collie personality traits. She can be very busy and may seem to be easily distracted but that is only because she needs something to do! Border Collies were bred to work and they crave a job whether it be herding sheep or agility work. Give this girl some direction and she'll not only win your heart, you may be winning titles together! Doing fun things with Quick will be like taking diet pills, you sure will work off the lbs.!

We found Quick currently being cared for by the Bartholomew County Humane Society in Columbus, Indiana. BCHS is a non-for-profit organization that accepts strays from outside city limits and owned animals if room is available. They offer spay/neuter assistance and placement services for animals that need homes. They also use in-depth breed rescue lists for the adoption or placement of pure bred animals.

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