Shelters Rock!

From the Humane Society of the United States...

What would your community do without your local animal shelter?

Your local animal shelter cares for displaced animals and adopts them into new homes. It investigates cruelty and neglect, reunites lost pets with their families, teaches kids to care about animals, and provides spay/neuter services.

Since 1996, The HSUS has celebrated National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. This year's message is Shelters Rock! And we've invited artists from the music industry to help spread the word about the important work shelters do, and to express why they care about animals.

This year, G by GUESS is a proud sponsor of Shelters Rock. For two weeks, beginning October 30, all G by GUESS stores will offer exclusive Shelters Rock t-shirts and tote bags, and t-shirts will also be available on-line after launch. Participating music artists will be asked to autograph a bag for a celebrity auction to be held in December. G by GUESS will donate $5 with every tote bag purchased and 100 percent of the net profits from t-shirt sales to The HSUS, in support of our companion animal programs and Humane Society Youth.

Our thanks to all the artists below who are supporting Shelters Rock, and to all of you who support the work of animal shelters in your own communities.