Meet Coco!

This photo was taken before Coco shed his winter coat. He isn't so fluffy now, but just as handsome.

This exuberant guy really loves other dogs and is so great around kids. When at a dog park with one of our members recently, he just played and played with everyone, small and large and licked the faces of kids, but moved away when they told him no. So is a great family pup!

He is one year old; an owner surrender since he was too much and too large for the older lady that adopted him. This guy is very playful and loves people and likes to play fetch. He loves to play and play and play with other dogs! He isn't housetrained yes, and when he was approached by a cat at the vet's, he seemed interested, but not aggressive towards it.

We found Coco currently being cared for by Jemez Valley Animal Amigos in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. They a shelterless shelter and dependent upon foster homes to help us care for our "lost and found" animals. When they rescue any animal, they get an immediate vet checkup, appropriate vaccinations and altering if old enough in order to make them ready for adoption.

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