Meet Coco!

Coco is a beautiful, friendly and loving Chocolate lab mix. She gets along with most dogs but there are some that rub her the wrong way. She loves people and she is a smart girl. I would not adopt her to a family with small children because she gets to excited and is to curious. She tends to be a little to rough and ends up scaring them. A family with teenagers would be great though.

She loves to play, walks well on a leash and she likes to cuddle. Coco would do best in a dog savvy home, her energy level is not hyper but she is very active, an individual that wants a running partner or a family that wants to do agility training would find Coco an ideal companion.

We found Coco currently being cared for by Ozark Humane Society in Harrison, Arkansas. Their main goal is to make the best possible match between the dog and the adopter.

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