Meet Elvis!

Elvis has been in his foster home a couple of weeks now. He is in a home with multiple kids, cats, and dogs and does just wonderful!! Even though Elvis is 9 years old, he still enjoys his daily walks with all his buddies. He is a “low rider” so homes without a lot of stairs would be best for him.

Elvis has proven to be such a loving, laid-back sweetie who is house-trained and has no need for crating. He found his way to GABR when the family in his life were divorcing and going their separate ways. He seemed to be a little upset the first few days but now is as good as new.

We met Elvis through Guardian Angel Basset Rescue Inc., in Dwight, Illinois. Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, Inc. rescues Bassets from abusive and unwanted situations. Our organization gives Bassets a second chance to live as they were intended - as someone's best animal friend.

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