Meet Frankie!

Frankie is estimated to be 8-10 years old. He is a tiny little fellow, weighing in around 12 lbs. Frankie needs love and guidance. His previous owners really let this little guy down. He was never neutered and when he began 'marking', he was tossed outside. They never provided even basic medical care for Frankie. After coming to KPR, he had to have 13 teeth extracted, but this seems to be no big deal to Frankie. He loves his soft food.

His foster home reports that he is doing well and describes him as a very mild mannered little guy who gets along great with other pets and children. He gets along so well with everyone, he'd have a great time on one of those Disney vacations. Most nights he sleeps in bed with a 14 year old human and a min pin.

We found Frankie currently being cared for by Kentuckiana Pug Rescue in Louisville, Kentucky. Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is a volunteer based, 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization committed to helping all needy Pugs in the states of Indiana and Kentucky. They work to find both abandoned, as well as surrendered Pugs, loving, forever homes in which they can live out the rest of their lives.

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