Meet Odie!

This is Odie. This sweet little guy is about 8 years old. He came from a breeder that no longer wanted to breed him. He is the most affectionate little guy in the world. He loves attention from anyone! He is a very quiet dog because he was de-barked, but he does have a little squeaky noise that he uses to let you know he needs to go out.

He loves treats. He is a cuddle bug who loves to sleep under the covers with you. He'd keep you as warm as a tankless water heater. Odie does not like kids. He needs to be with adults only. He attaches to his person, a basic trait of chihuahuas, and wants to be with you always. He loves car rides too. He tolerates other dogs but does not want to play with them, he wants all of the attention to himself.

We found Odie currently being cared for by Rescued Pets Are Wonderful in Blaine, Minnesota. The purpose of RPAW is to rescue companion animals and find appropriate homes for them. They educate companion animal owners or responsible pet ownership, including, but not limited to training, spaying and neutering, animal behavior, and human animal bonding.

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