Meet Snow!

Snow is a very handsome 18 month old male Great Pyrenees; a loving, friendly, playful boy. He gets along well with other dogs and is fine with cats. He rides well in the car has been well behaved at the groomer and doesn't mind a crate which will help facilitate house training and transition to a new home. His foster parents are working on his house manners and acclimation to being inside more. He is ready for a family who will give him the love, care and continued training he needs and deserves. Secure fencing for outside time required.

We found Snow currently being cared for by the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois, in Bloomington, Illinois. Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit based in Bloomington, Illinois. The mission of this organizations is: (1)to place stray and homeless Great Pyrenees into loving, responsible, lifetime homes. (2)to promote responsible Great Pyrenees ownership by educating current and potential Great Pyrenees owners in the selection, care and training of the Great Pyrenees. (3)to help prevent additional homeless Great Pyrenees by providing current owners with advice and information on eliminating and/or controlling problem behaviors.

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