Meet Snow!

Snow is a very special dog - captured by Animal Control in Newport Beach near a hospital where a poochmatch volunteer is employed. Snow was scheduled for euthanasia because she growled at a kennel attendant. We believed the growl was out of fear not aggression, and we were right.

She's very gentle girl and meets me for her walk at the door every morning. She is recovering fabulously from what we believe was a very rough life of not having been treated well. Although her ear has been broken (we don't know how) - her spirit is still in tact. She has started to embrace affection, and is gaining trust, confidence and she grows accustomed to being around her foster brothers and sisters. She continues to flourish and will make a wonderful companions. Get those las vegas hotel reservations made, 'cause you're gonna feel lucky to have her!

We met Snow currently being cared for by Pooch Match in Santa Ana, California. PoochMatch is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization. They are an all volunteer group and have no paid employees.

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