Meet Jake!

Jake was relinquished by the owner because of the owner's health. Jake is a senior citizen who has some blindness and deafness, but he is sweet none the less! How can you resist this face?

We found Jake currently being cared for by Pet Search in Washington, Pennsylvania. Pet Search is an all-volunteer nonprofit animal rescue and placement service, dedicating itself to the rescue, care, and placement of homeless and unwanted domestic animals in southwestern PA. Founded by animal lovers in 1987 as People for Animal Welfare and renamed Pet Search in 1996, Pet Search has a history of compassion.

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Johann's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Dog Owners!

Mum, Gracie and I are really looking forward to 2009. And it's just hours away!

So we thought we'd put together our Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Dog Lovers; hoping to spread the word on keeping your pup safe, healthy and happy in 2009! This is the short list :)

#1 Resolve to feed your pup the best food your money can buy. All kibble is not created equal. Do you research to find the best quality and safest food for your dog. And keep out fresh, clean water for your pup at all times.

#2 Resolve to create a safer outside and inside environment for your dog. Dangerous chemicals lurk everywhere. Be aware of the dangers of environmental toxins and chemicals to help your dog be more safe, healthy and happy - and go more green.

#3 Resolve to provide regular veterinary care for your dog! Regular checkups are so important. And so is in-home health care - brush those teeth, trim those nails, brush 'em out, and provide all the important vitamins, minerals and essential medications like flea and tick preventative.

#4 Resolve to provide lots of exercise, fun and play for your dog. Us dogs crave exercise and play time. It stimulates our brain and our body and keeps us from getting into trouble. And we get to have fun with our Mom's and Dad's!

#5 Resolve to teach your dog a new trick every other week. You will be amazed at how much your pup can learn. You'll bond more closely with your dog, have lots of fun together, your dog will be much more behaved, and you can even dazzle your friends and neighbors!

#6 Resolve to make sure your dog has identification on at all times. You just never know when something may happen!

#7 Resolve to spay/neuter your dog at the appropriate age if you don't plan on breeding them. Keep those unwanted pups out of the shelters, K?

#8 Resolve to gather up some unwanted dog toys, old towels, cleaning products and the like, and make a trip once a year to your local animal shelter or rescue. They could really use your help, your time, your money and your contribution of supplies.

#9 Resolve to put together an emergency plan and kit - you just never know when you'll be faced with a flood, earthquake, hurricane, fire or other disaster.

#10 Resolve to have fun with your dog every day!

Have a happy new year!

Meet Ranger!

Ranger is gorgeous Shiloh or Belgian (long haired) shepherd. He loves other dogs, is around 2-3 years old and weights about 68 pounds.

We found Ranger currently being cared for by Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Last Chance Ranch is a non-profit, all volunteer Equine Rescue located in Southeast Pennsylvania. LCR rescues the old, young, injured, neglected, malnourished, abused, and forgotten. They accept all breeds: horses, ponies, drafts, donkeys & mules; and make every effort to rehabilitate these unfortunate animals and place them in carefully screened custodial homes.

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Meet Stash!

Stash is looking for a special home. Sadly, his former owner had to give him up. Stash is a very intelligent, alert 4 year old boy. He is lively and eager to learn. He needs an adult home with someone who can train him well & maybe do a sport, like agility. Stash really needs activity & some focus in his life. He likes to be pet and gets along well with other dogs. He would make a great pet to an experienced dog owner.

We found Stash currently being cared for by Furry Friends Rescue Inc., in Brighton, Michigan. The mission of Furry Friends Rescue is to promote the humane treatment of animals through education, referral, rescue and placement.

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Meet Rosie!

She is an 11 month old Aussie/Border Collie mix. Rosie just entered the rescue and we are still learning about her. She knows sit, come and is working on other commands in her foster home. She is a very energetic girl who would needs an active home. Rosie is UTD on vaccinations, spayed, on HW preventative and microshipped. Rosie is located in Northeast Cincinnati.

We found Rosie currently being cared for by (ROSAS) Rescue Our Shelter Animals and Strays Inc., in Alexandria, Kentucky. They are a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for adoptable shelter animals and strays. They are staffed by volunteers who do what we do for the love of the animals.

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Meet Kenya!

Kenya is about 1.5 years old. She is up to date on shots, microchipped, and housebroken. Kenya gets along fine with kids, cats, and other dogs. She is a true sweetheart!!

Kenya was turned in by her owners because they are in the service and sent out of the country. Kenya will be a great family member, and will spend hours with you watching TV on your tv stands!

We found Kenya currently being cared for through a foster home with American Eskimo Rescue (AER) of St. Louis. They are a member of Purebred Dog Rescue St. Louis and we are Heartbandits representatives for eastern Missouri.

Their mission is to save the lives of abused and unwanted American Eskimo dogs in the St. Louis area. They are a group of dedicated volunteers, working together for the benefit of helpless and homeless Eskies. Their program is funded by donations and adoption fees. Our volunteers spend endless hours of rescue work which involves transporting, fostering, and networking to save American Eskimo lives.

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Meet Roz!

Roz is as sweet as she is cute. She is super affectionate, very, very people oriented and has very nice manners. She is not a jumper or mouthy or a big barker and she is in excellent health. She would likely do just fine with a cat who is already okay with dogs. Roz wants folks to know she is 8 years old and doing great!! She is spunky but not crazy and she loves, loves, loves to play with balls. She would love to be home --at last! It would be so much fun to have Roz around and do some healthy cooking for her!

We found Roz currently being cared for by Texas Airedale Rescue Team in Georgetown, Texas. The Texas Airedale Rescue Team covers the entire state of Texas and re-homes Airedale Terriers that are in need. They receive Airedales from shelters and individuals who can no longer keep them. All of their Airedales are completely checked out by a veterinarian and spayed or neutered before being placed with their forever family.

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Happy holidays from me, Gracie, Wolfie, Wiggy and Mum, Leslie!

Meet Christmas!

This is Christmas, a collie mix, and she's waiting in the Barnwell County Animal Shelter in Barnwell, South Carolina for a new family.

She was found with her paw caught in a trap. Through all that, she is the most loving, sweetest dog. She's absolutely beautiful and has a loving personality.

Please remember all the pets in shelters and rescues this Christmas Day - they need us!

Meet Eve!

Eve was surrendered to the shelter by her owner on December 8th, because she could no longer care for all of her animals. Eve is a Bassett mix breed with a short, smooth coat and a shy nature. She has received her first vaccinations and is ready for adoption.

We found Eve currently being cared for by the Parke-Vermillion Co. Humane Society in Clinton, Indiana. The PVCHS is a non-profit private organization committed to the education of the public in the humane treatment of all animals, the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the importance of animal population control through the promotion of spaying and neutering.

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Meet Santa!

This is one of Lexi's pups. Lexi and her four pups were surrendered to a high kill shelter in Arlington, Texas. Her owners were moving and couldn't take Lexi and her pups w/ them, so they were dumped at a shelter.

The Collin County Humane Society in McKinney, Texas picked them up later that afternoon and they are now safe and sound in foster care.

Santa and her bros and sisters are yellow lab, Aussie mixes. They are puppies and will need someone with the time and patience to teach them how to be the best doggies they can be!

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Meet Joy!

This is Joy! She was named Joy because the nice people at rescue said their hearts will be filled with Joy if she has her very own family for Christmas.

Joy is about 5 to 6 months old and they said she is very pretty and smart. They also said she is sassy and full of puppy energy. She loves to go for walks and sniff flowers. She is a very good girl in the car and loves to go bye-bye. She's only a 'kid' so will need some obedience training, but promises to love you for the next 13 to 15 years and spend my life being devoted to you.

We found Joy currently being cared for by a foster family with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County in Newport Beach, California.

Learn more about Joy on her Petfinder page!

Meet Hope!

Hope is a gorgeous and sweet 11-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier-mix waiting for a loving home at the Save-A-Pet Adoption Center in Grayslake, Illiniois. Hope was adopted as a puppy, and lived in three different homes before being returned each time because she is not good with other pets.

She’d be joyous if she could just find a loving family with a little fenced-in yard and time for loving and cuddling. While Hope looks like she may be an active dog, she is really extremely calm and mellow. She enjoys a short game of fetch …and then she’s ready for belly rubs. She was in a home with two small kids and was said to be just adorable and loving with them. So if you only want one dog and are willing to receive love as if you had a whole pack of dogs, then consider Hope.

We found Hope currently being cared for by Petraits Pet Photography in Chicago, Illinois.

For more information about Hope, click here!

Meet Angel!

This sweet 2 year old came to rescue as a stray. She is starting to come out of her cocoon and turn into a sweet butterfly. She loves to cuddle with you. She follows her foster Mom everywhere!

We found Angel currently being cared for by What We Do Is For The Love Of Pets in Belleville, Michigan.

For more information about Angel, click here!

Meet Star!

Star is a velcro Dalmatian!!! She loves her humans and wants to be with them all the time. She will follow her caretaker around and she is polite as a girl can be. Star is a purebreed Dalmatian female. Star gets along with adults, children and larger dogs. She would not do well with cats or small dogs as her prey drive is quite strong.

We found Star currently being cared for by Happy Hills Animal Foundation Inc., in Staley, North Carolina. Happy Hills is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue group in NC dedicated to providing nutritious meals, shelter, veterinary care, and finding loving responsible homes for as many abused and abandoned animals as possible.

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Meet Mistletoe!

Mistletoe is a Terrier, Poodle Mix and will be a larger dog.

We found Mistletoe currently being cared for by SQ Rescue in Columbia, South Carolina. SQ Rescue is located in Columbia SC. Mary and her husband, Bill Escue have decided to spend their retirement, and much of their income, on rescuing dogs off highways, abandoned in the woods and from abusive homes.

Whether starving, burned, or abandoned because of births of new children, moves or simply other interests, Mary and Bill work tirelessly to find homes for these deserving dogs.

For more information about Mistletoe, click here!

Meet Berry!

Berry is a sweet little one year old wire haired dachshund. She is red in color and weighs about 9 lbs. Berry is a very sweet and loves everyone. She is also wonderful with other dogs. Berry is housebroken, kennel trained, and doggie door trained and is such a little lover.

We found Berry currently being cared for by Dachshund Rescue of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona. They have served the Valley for over 11 years. Director, Betty King, is a person with a very big heart for this breed. She is professional and extremely sincere in accepting any rescue and then tirelessly working to find the perfect home. Over the years she has rescued and placed hundreds of dachshunds, from unwanted puppies to the sweet older ones who just need a little extra help.

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Meet Ivy!

Ivy is a very sweet dog who enjoys spending time with other dogs and racing around the yard after balls and chew toys. She gets along fine with cats and is more curious then anything about these other creatures that are not much smaller then she is. Ivy has a special needs when it comes to humans. She is not to sure about whether she can trust us or not and will require someone to take time to walk her, show her affection and can display patience while Ivy figures out your personality.

We found Ivy currently being cared for by Dorothy H. OConnor Pet Adoption Center in Victoria, Texas.

For more information about Ivy, click here!

Meet Holly!

Holly is a Golden mix that came to Animal Rescue Fund from a county shelter that was overcrowded. She is a loving and beautiful girl with lots love to offer. And she could be the best fat burner you'll ever find!

We found Holly currently being cared for by the Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia, Ohio. The Animal Rescue Fund ( ARF) is an incorporated, voluntary,non-profit charitable organization, chartered in February 1980, under the laws of the state of Ohio. ARF has an adoption program, providing care for stray dogs and cats, placing them in new homes.

For more information about Holly, click here!

Meet Tinsel!

This handsome fella we call Tinsel. He was quite frightened when he first arrived but he has warmed up to every good person who has offered him kindness. He's approximately 1 yr. old and loves to run in that long-legged puppy way. And being the skinny guy that he is, surely won't need any Lipovox. He's playful, he's delightful, he's Tinsel!

We met Tinsel through the Terre Haute Humane Society in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Terre Haute Humane Society is dedicated to providing stray and abandoned animals with a safe temporary home until a new loving family can be found. Their goal is to be able to find homes for every adoptable animal in our care. They are a non-profit organization, which means that your continued donations enable us to continue working toward this goal.

For more information about Tinsel, click here!

Meet Bell!

Bell is a sweetheart. She is very timid and submissive and is looking for someone to show her the love and attention she deserves. She needs a calm home with older people but needs lots of activities to entertain her. She would be a great companion and seems housetrained. She is also good with other dogs and needs a slower intro with cats.

We met Bell currently being cared for by Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio. Their Society was established on February 27, 1973. They currently provide many services to our community such as: Animal Control, Adoptions, Cruelty & Neglect Investigations, Lost and Found Service, and many more....

For more information about Bell, click here!

Meet Peppermint!

Peppermint is a female Hound mix. She is black and white, weighs about 25 lbs., and is about 4 months old. She was a stray brought to us by Animal Control. She has the sweetest personality, loves to play, give kisses,and likes to talk like most Hounds do! If you are interested in adopting Peppermint, her adoption fee is $145 and includes her spay, vaccinations, deworming, micro chip and flea/tick treatment. She needs to go to a home with children under 6 years old.

We found Peppermint currently being cared for by The Humane Society of Warren County, in Front Royal, Virginia. They are a non-profit organization providing services to the Warren County area. The Society was incorporated April 1, 1947 by Julia Wagner to provide shelter, food, and care to the lost, stray, and abandoned animals of this area. We have also provided shelter for abused equines, pot-bellied pigs, donkeys, and goats.

For more information about Peppermint, click here!

Meet Elf!

Elf is a big helper, as his name would imply! He enjoys helping his foster family watch TV, helping with removing crumbs that may have hit the floor, and he particularly enjoys helping his foster mom cheer up!

Elf has a great personality and deserves only the best for the rest of his life! This little guy has had enough hardship in his life. It's time for him to find the family that understands commitment and will take excellent care of him in the future!

We met Elf currently being cared for by Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team in Raleigh, North Carolina. Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team is a nonprofit, all volunteer, limited admission rescue organization funded by adoption fees and private donations. They are committed to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted companion animals through education programs, spay and neuter programs, and the responsible re-homing of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats.

For more infomration about Elf, click here!

Meet Rudolph!

Rudolph is a wonderful Red Fox Labrador. He is very sweet and gentle; he knows ‘sit’, ‘lay’ and seems to be housetrained. He is such a gentle and easy going fellow we think we could have done just about anything to him and he would have been ok with it (he doesn't at all mind getting dressed up). He seems to be fine with other dogs and cats. Rudolph is about 3 years old and came to the shelter as a stray.

We found Rudolph currently being cared for by the Humane Society of Preble County in Eaton, Ohio. They are a 501(c)3 non profit organization and have been in existence for about 30 years.

For more information about Rudolph, click here!

Meet Blitzen!

Blitzen is a 7 week old, male, Malti-poo. He will be ready to go be adopted on Friday, December 5th. At that time, he will have had two sets of shots (three parvos). He has been dewormed, has had giardia and coccidia coverage, and has been microchipped.

We found Blitzen currently being cared for by A1 K9 Rescue in Ravenna, Ohio.

For more information about Blitzen, click here!

Meet Donner!

Donner is around 10 years old and weighs about 25lbs. He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs and cats. He is a good little Beagle dog.

We found Donner currently being cared for by SCRAPS in Clarksville, Indiana. Shelter Canine Rescue and Placement Services (SCRAPS), takes dogs out of shelters that would otherwise be euthanized and rehome them. They do not have an actual shelter facility and are completely foster based.

For more information about Donner, click here!

Martha Speaks!

Beginning last September a new series for kids, Wednesdays, on PBS began airing that follows the everyday adventures of lovable mutt Martha after alphabet soup gives her the power of speech. The series is based on the best-selling book series, Martha Speaks, by Susan Meddaugh.

Here are a couple of short clips from the episodes. Looks like a great series for kids to learn about dogs, caring for dogs and more.

Visit the Martha Speaks website for more information, play games, watch video and to check your local listings for air times on your PBS stations.

Black dog bias?

I'm a black dog and proud of it. But it seems that some people don't prefer black dogs - my Mum disagrees!

We have always heard that shelters and rescues have a harder time getting black dogs adopted over other 'colors' of dogs. Some people call it 'black dog syndrome'.

We were reading an interesting article in the LA Times this past weekend, that says "skeptics say the syndrome is an urban legend, but shelter and rescue leaders insist the phenomenon is very, very real." I'm siding with the shelter and rescue leaders on this one. I know first hand that the shelter where I came from has a harder time adopting out black dogs.

It's an interesting read. Check out the story, "Black Dog Bias?" in the LA Times.

Meet Cupid!

This Cupid is more linebacker than cherub. He is big, he is powerful, he needs training but he could be a fantastic dog with the right person. He is just a knucklehead that needs an experienced owner to bring him around to a well mannered Boxer. He is very playful but overpowering and only very submissive dogs might work with Cupid. He is just a very big puppy waiting for someone to teach him everything.

We found Cupid currently being cared for by Boxer Rescue LA in Encino, California. Boxer Rescue Los Angeles is a non-profit animal rescue founded in 1977. Our goal is to provide temporary housing, training and medical care to abandoned, abused, and relinquished boxers while they await adoption.

For more information about Cupid, click here!

Meet Comet!

Comet, along with his sweet mother, came to a lady's house, and his mother had another set of puppies that night. Comet apparently was one of her last litter because he appears to be 6 months old. He appears to be a Yellow Lab mix, but his hair is longer around his neck. He is very sweet and good with all people and other dogs. A wonderful addition to any family.

We found Comet currently being cared for by F.I.D.O. in Columbia, South Carolina. "F.I.D.O." does not have a physical shelter, they are a small individual rescue located in the midlands of South Carolina. They have been in operation, rescuing and placing pets, since 1974. The dogs are either in-home fostered or are boarded in local kennels while waiting for placement.

For more information about Comet, click here!

Meet Vixen!

This sweet little girl was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia. She is a Schnauzer mix of about 25 lbs, friendly and loving. Vixen is gentle and has nice manners -- she is quick to Sit for a cookie! She is almost entirely house trained. Vixen is about 5 months old. Vixen is a smart and alert little girl who will quickly win your heart with her soft kisses. She likes to play with other dogs and cuddle on the couch and watch TV.

We met Vixen through Precious Puppies in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. They are a group of foster families who have been rescuing and caring for abandoned animals in their homes since 1987. For several years now they have been working with the very dedicated folks in VA, WV and GA to help bring very sweet dogs, mothers and puppies up to their NJ foster homes where they will be available for adoption.

For more information about Vixen, click here!

Meet Prancer!

Prancer is a beautiful 4 yr. old purebred Shih Tzu who was surrendered to rescue from a breeder here in WI. Prancer is a friendly, social boy who still needs some help with learning to walk on leash properly and also some assistance with his house training. Prancer is good with kids 8 and up and was raised with kids. His tail is wagging all of the time. Prancer has been groomed, neutered and had a dental and is heartworm negative, and fecal negative, as well as up to date on shots and micro-chipped.

We met Prancer through Shih Tzu Rescue of Central Wisconsin, in Schofield, Wisconsin. Shih Tzu Rescue of Central Wisconsin is an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to saving the lives of abused, abandoned and unwanted Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu mixes. Their organization is based in Central Wisconsin. But they will adopt our rescue Shih Tzu out to homes in IL, MN, IA and MI, as well.

For more information about Prancer, click here!

Meet Dancer!

Dancer is under 2 years old and weighs in at 6.6 pounds. She needs another pound so she should be just over 7 lbs at her healthy weight. Dancer was found as a stray in the city of Oakland, and was rescued by a shelter volunteer who fell in love with her and would not give up until a rescue agreed to take her in.

She is a very quiet and loves to sit and snuggle. Dancer gets along fine with the other 6 dogs in her foster home and is comfortable in the car. We think Dancer will adjust well to life in just about any environment and her foster mom feels like she is about as close to a perfect dog as there is. They would not recommend Dancer with a home with small children as she is tiny and could get broken by rough play but she would be fine with older children.

We met Dancer currently being cared for by Rat Terrier ResQ (West Region) in Alamo, California.

For more information about Dancer, click here!

Meet Dasher!

This is Dasher! He's a sweet little pittie boy about 12 wks. old. Just like most puppies his age, he is very friendly and loves to play. He was rescued from a shelter in Kentucky because his time there was almost up. Now that he has a second chance at life he would love to find a family that will love and spoil me forever.

We found Dasher currently being cared for by Rainbow Tails Rescue in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Rainbow Tails Rescue is a charitable non for profit organization based out of Northeast Pennsylvania and Maryland. Their foster network reaches from New York all the way down to Maryland.

For more information about Dasher, click here!

Rescue Me

Every year in December, Mum and I put together our annual Rescue Me video. The video showcases many of the pups we have featured on this blog, and encourages people to adopt from a shelter or rescue if they are considering adding to their family. It also encourages people to help out their local shelter or rescue with needed supplies, services, time and money, and to do what they can for the pups in need.

This year we were very happy to to receive an email from the new Mom of one of the first pups we featured, Ernie. Early in the life of our blog, Ernie (who used to be named Bosco) became our blog mascot.

In the email, Ernie's Mum told us that she saw last year's Rescue Me video on YouTube and recognized her new 'best friend.' She found my email address and sent off a note to us right away, letting us know she had adopted him in October of 2007, and how grateful she is for having him in her life.

So this year, we dedicate our video to Ernie, who is now affectionately named Ernie Bosco (since his Mum found out his original name at the shelter). Thank you Ernie for lending your name, face and life to helping other pups find their forever home, just like you.

Meet Snow!

Snow is a 5-7 year old refined female hound mix. She is very out going, good on lead, and loves life! She gets along with other dogs and id looking for someone to give her a chance to win their heart!

Snow may be pretty active so you may want to get yourself a good set of Callaway irons, so you can send out some long shot tennis balls for a nice game of fetch with her!

We found Snow currently being cared for by Monadnock Humane Society in West Swanzey, New Hampshire.

For more information about Snow, click here!