Johann's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Dog Owners!

Mum, Gracie and I are really looking forward to 2009. And it's just hours away!

So we thought we'd put together our Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Dog Lovers; hoping to spread the word on keeping your pup safe, healthy and happy in 2009! This is the short list :)

#1 Resolve to feed your pup the best food your money can buy. All kibble is not created equal. Do you research to find the best quality and safest food for your dog. And keep out fresh, clean water for your pup at all times.

#2 Resolve to create a safer outside and inside environment for your dog. Dangerous chemicals lurk everywhere. Be aware of the dangers of environmental toxins and chemicals to help your dog be more safe, healthy and happy - and go more green.

#3 Resolve to provide regular veterinary care for your dog! Regular checkups are so important. And so is in-home health care - brush those teeth, trim those nails, brush 'em out, and provide all the important vitamins, minerals and essential medications like flea and tick preventative.

#4 Resolve to provide lots of exercise, fun and play for your dog. Us dogs crave exercise and play time. It stimulates our brain and our body and keeps us from getting into trouble. And we get to have fun with our Mom's and Dad's!

#5 Resolve to teach your dog a new trick every other week. You will be amazed at how much your pup can learn. You'll bond more closely with your dog, have lots of fun together, your dog will be much more behaved, and you can even dazzle your friends and neighbors!

#6 Resolve to make sure your dog has identification on at all times. You just never know when something may happen!

#7 Resolve to spay/neuter your dog at the appropriate age if you don't plan on breeding them. Keep those unwanted pups out of the shelters, K?

#8 Resolve to gather up some unwanted dog toys, old towels, cleaning products and the like, and make a trip once a year to your local animal shelter or rescue. They could really use your help, your time, your money and your contribution of supplies.

#9 Resolve to put together an emergency plan and kit - you just never know when you'll be faced with a flood, earthquake, hurricane, fire or other disaster.

#10 Resolve to have fun with your dog every day!

Have a happy new year!