Meet Dancer!

Dancer is under 2 years old and weighs in at 6.6 pounds. She needs another pound so she should be just over 7 lbs at her healthy weight. Dancer was found as a stray in the city of Oakland, and was rescued by a shelter volunteer who fell in love with her and would not give up until a rescue agreed to take her in.

She is a very quiet and loves to sit and snuggle. Dancer gets along fine with the other 6 dogs in her foster home and is comfortable in the car. We think Dancer will adjust well to life in just about any environment and her foster mom feels like she is about as close to a perfect dog as there is. They would not recommend Dancer with a home with small children as she is tiny and could get broken by rough play but she would be fine with older children.

We met Dancer currently being cared for by Rat Terrier ResQ (West Region) in Alamo, California.

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