Meet Roz!

Roz is as sweet as she is cute. She is super affectionate, very, very people oriented and has very nice manners. She is not a jumper or mouthy or a big barker and she is in excellent health. She would likely do just fine with a cat who is already okay with dogs. Roz wants folks to know she is 8 years old and doing great!! She is spunky but not crazy and she loves, loves, loves to play with balls. She would love to be home --at last! It would be so much fun to have Roz around and do some healthy cooking for her!

We found Roz currently being cared for by Texas Airedale Rescue Team in Georgetown, Texas. The Texas Airedale Rescue Team covers the entire state of Texas and re-homes Airedale Terriers that are in need. They receive Airedales from shelters and individuals who can no longer keep them. All of their Airedales are completely checked out by a veterinarian and spayed or neutered before being placed with their forever family.

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