Rescue Me

Every year in December, Mum and I put together our annual Rescue Me video. The video showcases many of the pups we have featured on this blog, and encourages people to adopt from a shelter or rescue if they are considering adding to their family. It also encourages people to help out their local shelter or rescue with needed supplies, services, time and money, and to do what they can for the pups in need.

This year we were very happy to to receive an email from the new Mom of one of the first pups we featured, Ernie. Early in the life of our blog, Ernie (who used to be named Bosco) became our blog mascot.

In the email, Ernie's Mum told us that she saw last year's Rescue Me video on YouTube and recognized her new 'best friend.' She found my email address and sent off a note to us right away, letting us know she had adopted him in October of 2007, and how grateful she is for having him in her life.

So this year, we dedicate our video to Ernie, who is now affectionately named Ernie Bosco (since his Mum found out his original name at the shelter). Thank you Ernie for lending your name, face and life to helping other pups find their forever home, just like you.