Meet Cindy Sue!

Cindy Sue was born in January 2006 and is a Jack Russell Terrier and weighs about 15 pounds. She was hit by a car and had a broken pelvis when she arrived at the shelter.

Cindy Sue now has a plate, 4 screws and two wires holding her pelvis together. She is a real trooper though and is rebounding very quickly and is already starting to put some weight on her leg and hip. She appears to be a very happy dog that likes people.

We found Cindy Sue currently being cared for by Animal Lifeline of Iowa, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa. They are a no-kill special needs animal shelter that accepts unowned dogs and cats who are sick, injured, pregnant, nursing, orphaned or handicapped. Animal Lifeline (ALI) is supported solely by donations.

For more information about Cindy Sue, click here!

Meet Dizzy!

A black lab/shepherd mix born in October 1999, Dizzy is a good natured, happy fellow. He has a neurological condition which causes him to have poor coordination and makes him appear "dizzy". In every way, though, he is a regular guy, walks well on a leash and loves to play tug-of-war. I bet he loves hanging out on the outdoor furniture.

We found Dizzy currently being cared for by Lafayette Animal Aid, a cat and dog rescue and adoption organization, based in Carencro, just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. They are an ‘all-breed’ rescue group and don’t discriminate against any animal due to size, age, breed, color or background. Their cats and dogs stay with them - and receive a safe and caring haven and all necessary veterinary care - until a permanent home is found for them. They were founded in 1974 and are a chartered 501(C)3 non-profit humane society.

For more information about Dizzy, click here!

Meet Chelsey!

Chelsey is a two year old Bassett Hound. She's very friendly, loves people and other dogs. And she is house trained! She will make a great friend to a loving family.

We met Chelsey currently being cared for by The Humane Society of the Desert, Orphan Pet Oasis, is a Non-Profit organization located in North Palm Springs, California. They were established in 1961 to create a safe haven for the homeless abandoned and abused pets. Caring for more than 150 voiceless victim’s everyday, they are a rescue and pet placement organization that is made up of our volunteer Officers and Board Members, and a small paid staff to care for our animals daily. Orphan Pet Oasis is a NON-KILL facility and animal sanctuary.

For more information about Chelsey, click here!

Meet Scooter!

Scooter is a 10-month old hound mix, as cute as they come, sweet, affectionate, and happy. Adopted from the shelter last fall as a happy-go-lucky, high-energy guy, he was recently surrendered for being fearful of men in his adopted home. The folks at the shelter are not sure what must have happened to make Scooter so afraid, as he was a loving and outgoing dog in his time with us, but they are hopeful that they can find that happy dog again. He's settled in very well at the shelter, enjoying any attention and remembering his basic training commands.

We found Scooter currently being cared for by the Ark Animal Shelter in Cherryfield, Maine. Their missions is to provide compassionate care and placement of homeless animals through the shelter operation; help alleviate overpopulation of companion animals by promoting their spaying/neutering; and promote and improve the welfare of all animals through community outreach and education.

For more information about Scooter, click here!

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a Beagle/Chihuahua Mix, about 1.5-2 years old and weighs about 13 lbs. She is sweet, friendly and full of life. And is great with other dogs!

We found Lucy currently being cared for by Rover Rescue in Redondo Beach, California. They are a non-profit organization founded in 2001 to save as many homeless dogs as they can and place them in permanent and loving homes. They know that somewhere nearby a person or family yearns for one of these special dogs.

For more information about Lucy, click here!

Meet Coal!

Coal is just a young black lab puppy who needs a loving home. He's about 4 months old and really loves people. He'd make some lucky family a wonderful dog.

We found Coat currently being cared for by The Lander Pet Connection, Inc., Lander, Wyoming. They are a non-profit organization incorporated with the State of Wyoming and formed by a group of concerned people who care about the welfare of all companion animals.

For more information about Coal, click here!

A warning reminder: Xylitol is dangerous!

The San Jose Mercury News has a good reminder warning about xylitol, a sweetener used as a sugar substitute and found in lots of items from gum to breath mints. And very tempting to us pups.

We humans spend small fortunes trying to find the best breath mints.

A couple of those little mints almost killed Stephanie Lam's pug, Harley.

Now she's on a bit of a crusade to warn other pet owners about the dangers of a chemical found in some common drugstore items that could be fatal to cats and dogs.

Stephanie does not take things lightly. The San Jose resident is the organizer of a couple of social groups - the San Jose Pug Meetup Group and the South Bay French Bulldog Meetup Group. The groups have about 500 members total, and each group meets separately once a month.

In addition to her pug, Stephanie has a French bulldog, as well as a rescued pit bull. In her spare time, she's an active member of Our Pack, a non-profit group that rescues and trains pit bulls.

Once she learned about the dangers to pets of xylitol, a sweetener used as a sugar substitute, she spent hours researching at the library and scouring store shelves to come up with a list of products that contain the chemical.

Here's Stephanie's story about Harley and the breath mints. Read more!
Gracie's doesn't go for Mum's breath mints, but her favorite are Mum's undies! It's never a bad idea to keep those undies and lingerie out of reach of your pups too. When swallowed they have a good chance of creating a bowel obstruction! So be careful out there, K?

World's Best Cat Litter!

We were pawing around over at today and found a great video demonstration of the World's Best Cat Litter.

This cat litter is a staple in our house for several reasons. One, it's a very absorbent, great smelling, terrific clumping cat litter (and it's flushable). Two, it's made only out of corn and perfectly safe if the kitties get some on their paws, lick and potentially ingest some. And three, because Gracie, my doggie sis - the one with the eating disorder - loves to get into the cat litter.

Sometimes she'll worm her way in there and eat some of it. But when she does, Mum doesn't have to worry too much about anything bad happening to Gracie and doesn't have to worry about buying a burial policy on her, JUST KIDDDING!!!! (The advertisers made me do it!).

This stuff is a bit more expensive, but I have to say that it last soooo much longer than other clumpable cat litters we have used in the past. With two cats (and Gracie's occasional grazing) a 34 lbs bag lasts us about 2.5 months. Now that's economy!

When our neighbors took care of the kitties while we were out of town last year, they asked what kind of litter it is and ran out and bought some. People who visit don't even know we have a litter box in the house, this stuff smells sweet, just like corn. We would recommend it to anyone!

Meet Bandit!

Bandit, a Border Collie, Australian Kelpie mix, was born at the shelter on January 3, 2006. He is a brother to Gizmo. Bandit is a playful, active dog that will need lots of room to run and play. He would be a perfect pet for an active boy, or would enjoy life on a busy farm. Bandit is great with kids. He weighs between 35-40 pounds.

We found Bandit currently being cared for by Silent Angels Advocate Rescue & Shelter Inc., in Leoti, Kansas. Founded in 2001, Silent Angels is a 501 (c)3 organization and a no kill shelter.

For more information about Bandit, click here!

Meet Smiley!

Smiley is a very sweet, lovable and playful little black lab looking for a friendly, active, loving home. He loves walks, loves his playtime and gets along with both kids and other dogs (with a proper introduction). Smiley was a stray and his owner has never stepped forward to claim him. Lost and alone, Smiley found comfort in a kind temporary home until the right family comes along for life!

We found Smiley currently being cared for by Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue in Des Moines, Iowa. Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue believes that all life is sacred and that every companion animal has the right to live a full and joyful life. They pride themselves in making "lifetime matches" between owners and companions, resulting in less than 1% of our animals being returned to any shelter environment.

For more information about Smiley, click here!

Meet Willie!

Willie is an adorable 10 month old aussie and collie mix. He is an older puppy, fully vetted, and lives in Bristol, Tennessee with his foster family. Willie is sooooooo sweet, very mild mannered, great with kids and needs a loving home!

We met Willie through Journeys End No Kill Animal Society in Blountville, Tennessee. Journey's End is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable giving organization.

For more information about Willie, click here!

Meet Stu!

Stu is a playful 10-month old Boxer mix looking for an active family. He loves to play fetch and already knows 'sit' and 'shake'. This handsome guy would love daily exercise, lots of chew toys and a comfy place to sleep at night.

We met Stu through his current caretakers at Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, Washington. They are a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter serving the greater Seattle area. Their mission is to provide food, shelter, medical attention, and love to homeless adoptable cats and dogs until we can find them permanent homes. They are an approved 501(c)3 charity (91-1526803).

For more information about Stu, click here!

Meet Buddy!

Poor Buddy was adopted from a shelter and was brought back because his owners split up and he moved into a home with another dog who didn't like Buddy. His owner brought him back to the shelter and since then Buddy has been paralyzed in fear.

He's so scared at the shelter. He has a hard time warming up to people, and will need someone who is understanding to help him adjust. He's about 3 years old, and neutered.

Buddy is currently being cared for by the Hillside S.P.C.A. in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Hillside SPCA, Inc is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation that provides animal welfare services to all of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The Hillside SPCA, Inc. operates an animal shelter facility located at SPCA Road, North Manheim Township, Pennsylvania.

For more information about Buddy, click here!

Meet Marley!

Marley is a 7 month old labrador retriever mix. She is currently being cared for by The Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Los Lunas, New Mexico. HART is Valencia County's premier animal rescue organization.

The HART is staffed by a Board of Directors, consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors. The HART staff has extensive knowledge and has undertaken local and state-wide animal issues.

For more information about Marley, click here!

Meet Nusey!

If you are looking for a dear little girl who likes to sit on've come to the right place. Nusey is a five year old bundle of gentle love. She is a bit shy at first but soon warms up and seeks attention. Like most Cairn Terriers she is loyal to her people...but she still is friendly to strangers.

Nusey is currently being cared for by the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are dedicated to providing refuge to homeless, stray and abandoned dogs and cats throughout Southwest Michigan and placing these animals into permanent homes by utilizing volunteer efforts and community education.

For more information about Nusey, click here!

When Nusey gets her furever home, we'll need to break out the Riedel glasses, add in a celebratory libation of choice and toast to her new home! Good luck Nusey, we are routing for ya!

Meet Sasha!

This sweet 1 1/2 yrs. old, thirty-five lb. Border Collie / Flat-coated Retriever mix is such a beauty. Sasha is quite a little cuddle bug, loves all of that snugglie, kissie face stuff, and why not, she sure deserves it, every bit of it!!

She will surely love a nice cozy bed to sleep in (preferably yours) and a great new owner that will be soooo happy to snuggle in right next to her every night of the week!! She'll love a nice comfortable couch to sit on and while she's chilling out. Of course while she is chilling she will love to be watching TV right next to you!! She doesn't even care what she is watching. Whatever makes you happy makes her happy!! She has such a terrific personality! She is very friendly, absolutely loves everyone. She is great with her canine cronies, loves to play!

Sasha is currently being cared for by Pets In Distress in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pets In Distress is an all volunteer run "no-kill" rescue group which takes in and places for adoption unwanted pets. They do not have a shelter but operate as a foster network. This means that they rely solely on volunteers to provide foster homes for our pets until they are permanently placed in adoptive homes.

For more information about Sasha, click here!

Spay Day 2008!

February 26th is the 14th Annual SpayDay USA, part of National Prevent a Litter Month and promoted by the Humane Society of the United States and many local shelters and rescues.

Spay Day USA takes place each year on the last Tuesday of February. Created by the Doris Day Animal League (DDAL) in 1995, Spay Day USA became a program of The Humane Society of the United States when DDAL combined operations with The HSUS in 2006.

Spay Day USA is America's first and only national day of action to promote the spaying or neutering of pets. During Spay Day USA, veterinarians and their staff, animal welfare professionals, business owners, and citizens join forces nationwide to provide spay/neuter services and to promote spay/neuter as an essential component of good pet health care, as well as an effective and humane means of decreasing the euthanasia of homeless animals in shelters.

During Spay Day USA's first 13 years, participants spayed or neutered an estimated 1,387,000 animals! When you consider that an unspayed cat can give birth to 18 kittens each year and an unspayed dog can give birth to 20 puppies each year, and that the average cost for shelters to handle each homeless animal is $176, it's clear that Spay Day USA participants have, potentially, prevented millions of surplus births and saved millions of taxpayers' dollars.

What can you do help and participate?

Ways to Participate

Resources to Review

Get Spay Day Stuff

For those of you with medical conditions, be sure and wear your medical bracelet when you're out there helping the pups!

Meet Aggie!

Aggie (AKA The Ag-ster) would be a very easy dog to live with. She is laid back, walks great on a leash, gets along with other dogs, and all human-folk too. She’s very, very intelligent, loves to play when you have time to do so, and would learn anything asked of her.

We found Aggie currently being cared for by Hearts United For Animals in Auburn, Nebraska. Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering.

They rescue dogs from all over the country and specialize in long distance adoptions. They take the creatures who are lost, afraid, hungry or ill and comfort them, give them a warm, soft bed, good food, medical care and most of all, love.

HUA is a place of happiness, joy and love. Everything they do is in the best interest of the dogs. There are no cages. The dogs have big fields of grass and trees in which to run. Their primary interest is what will make them happy. HUA is a place to celebrate the joy of life.

For more information about Aggie, click here!

Shopping deals!

Mum and I are always looking for a good deal, so when we came across this interesting website - - that specializes in coupons, rebates and free shipping offers for thousands of online retailers, and in-store purchases, we had to check it out.

They have a wide range of companies represented including one of our favorite sites,, and they have great other categories too, like books, DVDs, home items, clothing and even a great dell coupon! But that's just the beginning. You may want to check it out the next time your heading out or online for your next shopping trip.

Meet Lisa!

Lisa is a nine-month-old mixed breed pup, looking for her furever home. She is currently being cared for by the the Lancaster Humane Society

They are a a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, organized and incorporated in June of 1984. In 1994 they built and later opened doors of their new shelter. They are a private shelter, privately funded, and is is not associated with any other humane societies or shelters. They serve Coos and Grafton counties in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

For more information about Lisa, click here!

The puppies!

These cuties are currently being taken care of along with their other brothers and sister at the Florence Area Humane Society in Florence, Oregon.

The Florence Area Humane Society, located in Florence, Oregon, is made up of volunteers dedicated to assisting homeless or abused companion animals in our area. We also seek to educate people about such animal-related issues as cruelty and pet overpopulation.

For more information about the pups, click here!

Meet Dottie and Pepper!

Dottie and Pepper are sisters and best friends! They are looking for a family with room in their hearts and in their home for both of them. An ideal setting for these two girls would be a quiet home with people who will know how to keep them busy. If you cannot adopt these two loving dogs, please consider becoming a sponsor.

We found Dottie and Pepper currently being cared for by Geauga Humane Society, in Russel Township, Ohio. Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village is a nonprofit organization supported solely by private donations and grants. As a leader in animal welfare for over 30 years, we are committed to sheltering and finding homes for sick, injured, abused and abandoned animals.

For more information about Dottie and Pepper, click here!

We need some heat!

If you are like us here in Indiana, you're cold! It's been 10 degrees, snowy, very windy and just generally miserable for several days. At least today it's 20 degrees. We sure wish we had an indoor barn to do some agility. Gracie and I miss it terribly. But of course I have to get over my little pulled muscle before I can gear back up for agility.

We usually train in a nice horse barn in the winter, but I'm sure even with these frigid temps, no one is even training in the barn as much as we got to last year.

I'm telling ya, if I had a barn to do agility in during the winter, I'd fire up the gas heaters, like they do at the Circle G Ranch in Dayton where we compete a lot and get busy, getting some exercise!

Congrats to Hope Animal Rescues!

According to a news report in the Edwardsville Journal, based in Collinsville, Illinois:

Hope Animal Rescues, an Edwardsville-based animal rescue organization, is basking the attention from a national charity challenge hosted by Parade magazine.

The group placed 12th in the magazine's challenge contest, raising $7,000 to help pay for spay and neuter services for pets.

The charity was competing with about 4,000 charities to win four $50,000 grants.The charity also received a $1,000 grant for being one of the top 100 charities in donations.

Each vote was a $10 donation collected on the Internet.

Although they did not win one of the four big grants, co-owner Jackie Spiker says the attention created by the contest has helped the organization.

Read more!

Meet Tucker!

This beautiful AKC Australian Shepherd is also a registered stock dog, though papers do not come with the adoption. He is a 1 1/2 yr. old neutered male, heartworm negative, current of vaccinations, and has been micro chipped. Tuck is an extremely sweet boy, and would make a terrific family companion. He is very respectful of others, and would probably make a wonderful agility dog. He is kennel trained and has not had an accident in the house, though closely supervised.

We found Tucker currently being cared for by Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary in Columbia, Missouri. Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary (HTAS) is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt, no-kill, animal welfare corporation made up entirely by volunteers. They are dedicated to rehabilitating, caring for and finding permanent placements for abused, neglected and unwanted animals in danger of being euthanized. They have been helping animals since 1998.

For more information about Tucker, click here!

Meet Plaid!

Plaid is a dalmatian mix, about 6 years old, and he's ready to find his furever home!

We found Plaid currently being taken care of by the Free To Live Animal Shelter in Edmonton, Oklahoma. Free To Live is a non-profit animal sanctuary. Here, animals who are not adopted will live out their lives. Euthanasia is not practiced.

For more information about Plaid, click here!

Lost and found in Utah!

Benjamin Hardin, a volunteer of more than a year at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter and a graduate student studying Computer Science, created a Web site to make reuniting pets with their owners a little easier.

Hardin said many owners lose their pets, but do not know where to start looking for them. "The old way of doing things is to post signs around your neighborhood," Hardin said. "The Web site is just a better way of doing that."

The website had a lost and found section, a bundle of resources and even some success stories. Check out Utah County Pets if you've lost or found a pet, help them be reunited with their loved ones!

And if you're out there in cold Utah looking for a lost pet, be sure and wear your Emu Australia boots to keep warm, K?

Meet Jennie!

Jennie is a cute Foxhound mix that's looking for her furever home - preferably with no cats and no other pups. She wants to be an only fur kid!

We met Jennie currently being cared for by the Bosler Humane Society in Baldwinville, Massachusetts. The Bosler Humane Society was founded in 1978 to protect and care for abused and abandoned animals. They receive no federal or state support.

For more information about Jennie, click here!

Take caution when buying pet medications online!

There is an interesting article online from WPXI in Philadelphia today and we wanted to share the information. Here's the article:

PITTSBURGH -- Treating a pet's illness with drugs can be costly.

That's why many are turning to the Internet to find cheaper prices on pet medicines.

While it may be cheaper, the Federal Drug Administration says it can also be dangerous.

A Pittsburgh biologist and owner of Pets Supplies Plus, Burton Patrick, doesn't think buying pet medication online is a good idea.

"They think they're saving a lot of money and sometimes they're actually using these meds not under a veterinarian’s guidance comma and that makes a big difference. I think people are better off finding a vet who's reasonable, buy their meds add space from a vet. He's fam i liar with what's bei ng used and he will be better at helping maintain the health of your pet." Patrick said.

However, many pet owners like the convenience of online ordering and now some local veterinarians are now directing pet owners to Web sites they know are safe and dependable.

Dr. Kate Ewald from Wexford Veterinary Hospital said ordering medication online can be safe.

"I don't have any problem with clients ordering those medications online through a good source once they've had the exams, they've had the testing," Ewald said.

But she said consumers still need to be cautious.

Always buy from a U.S. licensed pharmacy.

And always look for drugs that are FDA-approved. because the FDA has found companies selling counterfeit , expired and even contaminated drugs.

Ewald mentioned another red flag to look for. "You should not be getting any prescription medications through a source that doesn't require a prescription."

According to the FDA, the two most common pet drugs ordered online are heartworm medication and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Consumers must have a prescription to buy either of those drugs.

If not properly prescribed those drugs can harm or even kill a pet.

"I think we forget heartworm medication has potential side effects if given to an animal that's tested positive for heartworm disease or has heartworm disease. There can be some serious complications with giving them that medications." Ewald said.

And if not given properly, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat joint pain can cause liver and kidney problems.

Ewald said, "Before you have an animal on these meds, make sure they're healthy, they've had appropriate screening comma blood work to rule out illness."

Meet Boomer!

Boomer is a neutered male Basset Hound/Yellow Lab cross with an approximate birth date of October 2002. He came to live at the Central Dakota Humane Society as a hurricane rescue from a Southern sanctuary. This loveable guy arrived in North Dakota suffering from heartworm disease, but today, with treatment, is heartworm free and healthy as a horse!

We found Boomer currently being cared for by the Central Dakota Humane Society in Manden, North Dakota. CDHS was originally formed by 12 members as the League for Animal Welfare in 1960. Now CDHS has over 1,800 members, but unfortunately, an animal shelter in a community the size of Bismarck/Mandan and the outlying towns should have about 3,000 members to continue its community work and help more animals.

For more information about Boomer, click here!

Meet Mikie!

Mikie is a 2 or 3 year old Dachshund. He is a special very sweet boy with one leg that got hurt and his old owners didn't fix. But he gets around great and can chase cats really well. Guess he shouldn't have a home with kitties since they don't like him much.

We met Mikie currently being cared for by Pets Haven in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They are a "no-kill" non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation for animal rescue based in NW Arkansas. Pets Haven was founded in 1992 but rescue efforts go back more than 20 years. Pets Haven is a leader in providing humane care to lost and abandoned animals, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets to new homes, helping pets stay in homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals.

For more information about Mikie, click here!

Meet Sheba!

Sheba is a loving dog - very affectionate and friendly. She loves to get her belly rubbed, and take longs rides, and just needs a home where not a lot of things are expected of her. She is in rescue because her owner is very ill.

We found Sheba currently being cared for by Dreampower Animal Rescue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dreampower Animal Rescue Foundation envisions a compassionate world, where people value, respect, and provide a secure and loving quality of life for companion animals.

For more information about Sheba, click here!

Dog cars!

Anyone who has dogs, and does activities with them, probably has a dog car. I know we do!

When we bought our last car, we took into consideration all the important things about the car and how comfortable it would be for me and my sis, Gracie (and potentially any new pups that may be added to the family in the future).

We checked Car Prices, we checked crating space, flooring, the ability of the car to be cleaned easily, size, accessibility - you name it we checked it. It had to be able to handle all the travel we needed to do all the agility that we do. And it had to be safe.

Next time you are looking for your new car, don't forget about the four-leggers! K?

Petfinder TV!

I have a particular soft spot for Why? Because that's how my Mum found both me and my sis, Gracie!

So I was very excited when I found out that Petfinder is coming to the small screen!

Animal Planet brings you Petfinder on the television screen! The 13-episode series premieres at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), Saturday, Feb. 9. Visit Petfinder weekly to see all about the upcoming episodes!

Episode 1: Greg & Divinity

Divinity and Greg are newly engaged and looking for a pet that will be an apt companion for their 12-year-old dog, Nesta. But finding a pet that they can both agree on and that satisfies their finicky canine is a tougher task than meets the eye.

Can Jarod and Dina find a pet that’s exotic enough for Divinity, be appropriate for their lifestyle and be compatible with Nesta? Good thing Petfinder has some special Teacher’s Pets lined up! And in the end, another animal is adopted from a local shelter.

Meet Raider!

Raider originally came to rescue from Animal Control when he was just over 8 weeks old. He was returned when his adoptive family had a baby that was allergic. He loves playing with toys and playing in general. He has a lot of activity and needs a home that can provide for that.

Coastal Pet Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats in the Coastal Empire Savannah and Low Country South Carolina areas. Our goals are to save as many pet lives as possible through rescue, reduce pet overpopulation through spaying/neutering, and provide opportunities to the public to become better pet guardians. Visit their blog for some great info and tips!

For more information about Raider, click here!

Meet Bear!

Bear is a Labrador Retriever, Border Collie mix. Not much is know about Bear. He is currently being cared for by the Humane Society of The Black Hills in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The Humane Society of the Black Hills is dedicated to placing every animal that enters our shelter. The reality is, many of the animals surrendered to the shelter are not vaccinated or altered prior to their entry. Some come in with illnesses that can effect the other animals. We vaccinate in an attempt to prevent the spread of illnesses, but until the general public vaccinates and alters ALL of their animals, we will continue to have the over population problems that lead to health issues.

For more information about Bear, click here!

Meet Ersa!

Ersa, a 7 year old retriever, chow mix, is very sweet in nature once she bonds with and trusts you as her new owner. She loves to be brushed to keep her fur a glowing red. She is protective of her yard and other dog friends. When she gets nervous in a new setting she will bark and then settle down.

Ersa currently lives in Los Lunas, New Mexico in a foster home with ANEW (Animal Network Effort by Women)in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ANEW is non-profit animal humane association which has been in existence since 2000.

For more information about Ersa, click here!

Meet Yukon!

Yukon is a 7 year old, 110 lb great dane/am staff mix. He is an absolute love! He is super friendly and calm. Despite his size he thinks he is a lap dog. He likes to play with basketballs and rope toys. Sometimes he can be a bit clumsy and may not notice that he knocks things over with his tail. He is on a special diet for his skin allergies. He has been exposed to other dogs and kids of all ages. He isn't a fan of cats though.

We met Yukon currently being cared for by Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. The ARL/SRI operates as a "limited admission" shelter. Some may refer to this as a "no kill" shelter. They do not euthanize animals just to make room to take in more animals. Consequently, they may sommetimes have a waiting list for dog surrenders and usually have a waiting list for cat surrenders.

For more information about Yukon, click here!

An evening with Nathan Winograd, tonight at 9PM EST!

Nathan WinogradNathan Winograd's 2007 book "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America" set off a firestorm of controversy -- and inspired an army of animal lovers across the country, calling for serious reform of the American shelter system and an end to the use of killing as a tool of animal population control. is proud to present an evening with Nathan Winograd as the opening event of's Tenth Annual Chat Month on Friday, February 1, at 9 PM Eastern Time in the Auditorium.

In addition to authoring "Redemption," Winograd is the director of the national No Kill Advocacy Center. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School, a former criminal prosecutor and attorney, was director of operations for the San Francisco SPCA and executive director of the Tompkins County SPCA, two of the most successful shelters in the nation. He has spoken nationally and internationally on animal sheltering issues, has written animal protection legislation at the state and national level, has created successful No Kill programs in both urban and rural communities, and has consulted with a wide range of animal protection groups including some of the largest and best known in the nation.

Meet Hera!

Hera is a very friendly, young, playful dog. She loves to lay on the couch between the crack of the cushions. She and her best friend Sasha (also available for adoption) love to play together. Hera loves being brushed and playing with her ropes. She also is very curious of cats, but is very good with them.

We found Hera currently being cared for by Animal Guardians of America in Plano, Texas. AGA is a no-kill animal rescue organization. Our mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and neglected animals, bring about their recovery as healthy companions, and to promote care and compassion for all animals.

For more information about Hera, click here!