600 Hundred Dogs Rescued in Washington State!

News reports coming out of Washington State from TopNews.us indicate:

Authorities in northwestern Washington have confiscated 600 dogs from two separate kennels, after authorities served search warrants for animal cruelty and neglect, Chief Criminal Deputy Will Reichardt of the Skagit County Sheriff's Office said.

The dogs were taken from properties in Snohomish and Skagit counties over the past two weeks and the total number of dogs keeps rising as many of the pregnant dogs give birth. Bud Wessman, director of Everett Animal Services, which is caring for 155 dogs seized Jan. 16 said, "We've already had two litters born. We have six that will give birth over the weekend and probably another 10 litters coming up in the next week."

200 dogs were confiscated from two separate kennels south of Mount Vernon while more than 400 dogs were being held in a Mountain View Road puppy mill. The dogs were kept in abysmal conditions and many of them were heavily matted and were standing in their own feces in wire cages, Reichardt said. Authorities in Skagit County picked up 135 dogs at a facility near Mount Vernon on Wednesday and picked up the remaining 308 on Friday.

A majority of the seized dogs were Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzu, poodles, Yorkshire terriers and specially bred "designer" dogs who are pregnant, authorities said and many of the dogs were sick, hungry, thirsty and standing in their own feces.

Seven dogs were found lying dead in a plastic crate and four dogs needed immediate veterinary care while in a room 20 female dogs that were nursing litters of pups. 150 dogs were removed on Wednesday by volunteers that were evaluated to be in need of better care and they were taken to a temporary shelter at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon or to the homes of volunteers.

Another 40 dogs, mostly Australian shepherds, were living in small crates, many of which were contaminated with their own feces and urine, were seized from another location on West Big Lake Road, Reichardt said. They are being housed temporarily in private residences of local volunteers until other accommodations can be made. Two ponies that also showed significant signs of malnourishment and neglect were seized.

Reichardt said till now no one has been arrested in either case, but charges may be forthcoming.

The group Saving Pets One at a Time is helping the dogs. People interested in volunteering or donating can get details at the group's Web site.
If that wasn't enough, now news reports from the Seattle Times and KomoNews.com are indicating that over 80 percent of the rescued dogs are pregnant and hundreds more puppies are expected.
MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - Rescuers who have saved hundreds of dogs from stinking, filth-choked puppy mills over the past few days have made an eye-popping discovery - most of the animals are pregnant and due to give birth to roughly 1,500 puppies.

Some 600 abused and neglected dogs have been rescued from three different kennels since last weekend, and animal shelters were are already struggling to care for the crush of animals they already have.

Now they know there are many more on the way.

Animal rescue officers say a typical litter for a stressed dog is about three pups, and roughly 500 of the dogs are pregnant.

"We're going to be having puppies born here probably every day as long as they're here," says Animal Services Director Bud Wessman.

It heaps a whole other crisis on top of the one shelters are already struggling with. After the puppies are born, rescuers will be trying to cope with more than 2,000 dogs.

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Shelters all over Washington State are going to need a lot of extra assistance over the coming month. If you can help, contact the following organizations:

Anyone who wants to make an online donation to help pay for the dogs' care may donate to the KOMO Problem Solvers Fund.

Animal-control officers are additionally asking that anyone who purchased a dog from the Mountain View Kennel leave a message for animal-control officer JoHannah Deterding at 360-336-9450 or e-mail her at johannad@co.skagit.wa.us.

The group Saving Pets One at a Time is helping the dogs. People interested in volunteering or donating can find out how at the group's Web site.