Meet Deuce and Mugsy!

Deuce & Mugsy are six year old brothers who absolutely love each other, so must find a forever home together. Deuce is 25 pounds and he’s got brindle markings, and Mugsy is a big boy at 35 pounds with black markings.

They are a super cute duo, and they’ve sadly spent most of their lives outdoors, so they’re looking forward to having a home where they will be welcomed to live inside as a part of the family. Their foster parents are delighted that both Deuce and Mugsy are housebroken and doggie door trained.

They are very mellow, love giving kisses and love belly rubs. Both are very submissive and want nothing more than to cuddle with and please their person. Both dogs also know how to sit, and they only get on the furniture when invited. So, indoors, they are the perfect dogs, but they have some things to work on when it comes to “social interaction”, specifically, walking on leash, and getting along with other dogs.

We found Deuce and Mugsy currently being cared for by a foster home with Southern California Boster Terrier Rescue. For more information about these two great pups, click here!