Meet Hanna!

Hanna is around a year old, weighs around 45 lbs. She is playful, and loves to jump in water! She can't help it, since she's flat-coat retriever mix! Hanna gets along great with any other dogs, and has been very popular in her playgroup. She is OK with house-cats, once she recognize they're her family. She's now staying with foster home, and has been perfectly housebroken, crate-trained, and know basic commands---Sit and Lay Down totally make sense to her!

She is very affectionate, and people-oriented girl who will follow you everywhere---she always make sure you're OK( : Since she has learned good house-manner already, we would like Hanna to be ended up as indoor/outdoor dog. She loves to have a moderate size of yard which has securely fenced, but also needs family to let her sleep inside at night where she could prove her great house manners!

We found Hanna currently being cared for by Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter in
Gonzales, Texas.

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