Meet Hayden and Zorro!

Hayden is a friendly, sunny, lovely little guy who must be adopted with his brother, Zorro, a long haired Chihuahua. Hayden is approx 7 years old and Zorro is 4. Their mother loved them very much but was forced to give them up because of incurable illness.

The rescue promised her these 2 precious little guys, who lost their beloved human, will stay together and not lose each other. They are charming lovable little guys and the person(s) who are kind enough to give them a chance for a second life will greatly enhancing their own, as well.

We found Hayden and Zorro through Shih Tzu Rescue in Davie, Florida. Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. (also known as Shih Tzu and Lap Dog Rescue, Inc.) is a South Florida based 501(C)(3) non-profit, no kill shelter. Our organization rescues Shih Tzu's and other companion dogs and places them in quality lifetime homes. They only adopt to local families.

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