Meet Kipster!

Like many other dogs in rescue, and border collies in particular, Kipster found himself in a home that could not provide an outlet for his energy. Sadly, an electronic training collar was involved and things quickly deteriorated. He was brought to the vet to be euthanized, but the staff saw what a great dog and arranged for him to come into rescue. He is a 9 month purebred, neutered male, border collie, 41 lbs. and 21 inches tall, fully vetted, healthy and just needs to start heartworm meds in the Spring.

Kipster is very easy to live with and quiet in the house. He gets along well with other people, kids, dogs and cats also. He'll play by himself, throwing toys up in the air and catching them. Even with all that hard catching, he takes treats so gently you barely feel his whiskers on your fingers. Kipster is house trained (no accidents), quiet in his crate, sleeps in the bedroom on a dog bed and stays there all night. He also knows how to shake hands and rides very well in a crate in the car.

Kipster will mature into a loving, wonderful dog. Right now he is just afraid to let his guard down and he needs more positives in his life than negatives. Come to think of it, don't we all? Pretty soon Kip will be ignoring all the exit signs, he'll be in his furever home.

Kipster is being fostered in La Porte County in Northwest Indiana through Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.

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