Meet Molly!

Molly is a spayed female Border Terrier who is very sweet, playful, loving, active, and happy. She loves people and belly rubs and is settling in to her foster home in St. Louis, MO. She is quite dominant and therefore should not be placed with other dogs that show dominance. Her foster mom has begun stripping out her thick coat. She seems to enjoy the attention of grooming.

Molly is a bit over-weight so she's on a diet now. She has been vet checked and is ready for a new home. She is fine with cats that are not afraid of dogs, but will chase cats that run away. She respects cats that hold their ground. She is not food aggressive to people but is to other dogs. She will be a great dog to go hiking with one day and snuggle with the next. She loves to chase balls. She barks, but not excessively. Molly definitely has a strong hunting instinct and needs some work on "come".

We found Molly currently being cared for by a foster connected with North American Border Terrier Welfare. The main goal of the NABTW is to protect and act on behalf of any homeless Border Terriers.

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