Meet Chester!

This is Chester - one of our featured potential agility dogs this week.

Chester is 14 months old, is neutered and up to date on his other vaccinations. He is greased lightning, if someone took this smart and brave boy into agility, they would have a winner for sure. He has a charming personality, busy as can be, no manners or training at this time. And Chester is so small you won' t need car lifts!

They are working on housebreaking him, so he doesn't use his crate. He was left in a crate all the time at his previous home, so he sees nothing wrong with going when he needs to go. He is doing better the past couple of days. He's smart, he is going to catch on fast to the idea.

He shows no aggression towards anything, likes the other dogs, I can put down and pick up his bowl with no problems. He has energy. I believe he is nuclear powered. I have not heard him bark yet. This one is a keeper, he is exactly what I like in a performance dog, and he's smart. Chester is located in Michigan.

We found Chester currently being cared for by a foster home with Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue.

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