Meet Freedom!

Freedom was rescued from a very small rural shelter. He was kept in a 2 x 3 pen for over 2 months. He arrived at his foster home with no training or manners, just a desire to be happy and loved.

He is very, very active. He does well with the foster's young children, however he does not know his own size or strength and may knock a young child down.

With the other dogs (all of his size) he is curious and gets along with them. He is also very curious of the cats and loves to chase them but will not hurt them. It is easy to tell he intends them no harm as his nubb is just a going...

We found Freedom currently being cared for by North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue. They are the only non-profit Rottweiler Rescue Organization based out of Raleigh, NC that has been rescuing Rottweiler dogs since 1998. NCRR is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless Rottweilers and placing them in qualified homes.

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