Meet Jake!

Jake is an incredibly handsome 1½-2 year old red tri male. He is average sized for a male Aussie - he weighs about 50 pounds. He was adopted by his current owner from a shelter in their town. He had been found running as a stray when he was about 9 months old.

Jake was incredibly skinny, frightened, and had obviously suffered from the cold of the winter as his nose peeled twice after being taken into care. The kind woman who adopted him has to move into a senior care center and will not be able to take Jake with her. She has asked for help in finding him a great home. She is terribly sad about needing to find a new home for Jake and wants the best she can find for him.

Jake enjoys the company of people and likes being pet, but considering he is a young Aussie, he is not ready to slow down and be a snuggle bug quite yet! He likes new people and is not afraid to meet anyone. He has been through a basic training class and knows the commands "sit", "down", and "wait". Jake is very intelligent, really tries hard to please his owner, and tries to do everything that is asked of him. He is house trained, crate trained, good in the house when left loose and alone, and is still working on perfect leash walking behavior.

We found Jake currently being cared for by Australian Shepherd Rescue. The goal of the Australian Shepherd Rescue Page is to help find great homes to adopt rescued Aussies.

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