Meet Lois Lane!

This Bichon was rescued from a commercial puppy mill and can only be placed in a home with a socialized dog already living there. The children in the home must be over the age of 10.

Lois Lane has spent her whole life in a small cage in a commercial kennel. Lois was born 07/08/05 and weighs 17 pounds.

Lois is very shy and leery of people. With lots of patience and TLC this little gal will learn to be a beloved pet. There is a sweet bichon spirit trapped inside just waiting for the right parents and doggy brother or sister.

Lois Lane is being fostered in Pennsylvania through Small Paws Rescue Inc. The mission of Small Paws® Rescue Inc., a charitable, Federal not-for-profit organization, is to rescue and supply any Bichon Frise or Bichon mix, nationwide, regardless of age or medical condition, with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services through local veterinarians until permanent placement is secured into a prescreened loving home, as long as the dog is not dangerous to humans or other dogs.

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