Meet Malcolm!

I'm a big agility fan, love competing and training, and running with my Mum. So I thought that this week it would be fun to highlight pups around the country who may love agility, as much as me!

So this week is agility prospect week!

This is Malcolm, a handsome and cuddly young, playful, and active German Shepherd Dog/Alaskan Malamute mix. Malcolm combines all the good traits of both breeds. He is highly intelligent, and has a strong desire to please his human(s)! He is talkative, friendly, and loves human company. He is good inside and rides well in the car.

Malcolm came to rescue as a malnourished and scrawny lad. He is now healthy and buff. He is beautiful, athletic and energetic -- the perfect companion for someone interested in getting regular exercise! His movement is beautiful. He is very smart and learns new things quickly. He would benefit from formal obedience training and is a great agility prospect! Hiking, backpacking, carting, etc., are all possibilities with this bright lad. A loyal companion for the active owner.

Malcolm likes to play with squeaky toys and balls. In the summer, ice cubes are his favorite treat -- right after basking in the air-conditioning with his favorite human(s). He loves to be petted and groomed and is a big cuddlebug. He loves lady dogs and is well socialized. He needs a secure fence if left alone. Malcolm wants nothing more than to please, protect and to be your best buddy! He is located in Austin, Texas.

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