Meet Pippi!

Pippi and Verneil, are a pair of 10-pound, 4 yr old Affenpinschers. The breed designation is a German word for “monkey dog.” Their wiry hair is simple to maintain and requires hardly any grooming, and a bath and a brush is all they need to keep that monkey hair tamed.

These dogs were litter mates, and they do everything together. Since they are so closely bonded, the shelter folks would prefer that they get adopted together.

They are quite the pair, and run around the house like a couple of Ewoks. Verneil, the male, is a bit more reserved, while Pippi, the female, is slightly more playful, but both appear to be happy, well-adjusted dogs. Just be sure when you go visit them you have all your travel medical insurance in order!

We found Pippi and Verneil currently being cared for by Planned Pethood Inc., in Toledo, Ohio. Planned Pethood, Inc. is a non-profit, Northwest Ohio based organization who cares about the over population of dogs and cats in our community.

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