Meet Renee!

This is Renee, she is a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), Australian Terrier Mix. Not much is know about Renee, but we found her currently being cared for by The Humane Alliance of Rutherford County in Mufreesboro, Tennessee.

The Humane Alliance of Rutherford County was founded on the belief that every companion animal should have the right to live out its natural life in a loving home. Acts of protective intervention by the Humane Alliance will give many companion animals a second chance at life in a loving new home. They believe that there is a unique and reciprocal bond between humans and animals. To foster this human to animal bond they accept the responsibility to assist people and homeless animals in achieving this goal. We assume this duty willingly and with pride. They are the voice for those who cannot speak, and we can and will act to protect them.

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