Meet Benji!

Benji is an amazing fellow. He was a stray who was skinny and scared. His coat was so matted with clumps it was hard to tell what he should look like. When the 911 operator called, all his rescuers knew was that a dog was in someone's yard with an arrow sticking in him and he was dying in the yard.

Benji has come a long way. Benji graduated from the New Leash on Life program at Brown Creek Correctional Facility. He is able to do all the things the other dogs do. His Special Need is that he is still very afraid of people-and who could blame him? Benji is sweet and gentle and loving but VERY shy. He LOVES other dogs and loves to play. He is a very active dog. His ideal home would probably include a canine brother or sister and a large fenced yard. He is crate trained and housebroken but loves to play outside. A very special family is needed for Benji. He has been through a lot and he deserves to find his forever home!

We met Benji through Companion Canines in Marshville, North Carolina.

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