Meet Bonnie!

Bonnie is a 2 yr old border terrier girl that was rescued from a local shelter. Bonnie is a very calm, mellow, dog that likes to just hang out and be somebody's companion. Bonnie is well behaved in the house and is most content being in the company of wherever her human is and whatever her human is doing. Bonnie is not a very active dog, yet she definitely gets playful and loves to chase tennis balls.

She loves to go on walks or is just as happy hanging around the house. Bonnie is quite content relaxing on her dog bed and being a nice, well-behaved little girl. She gets along with all dogs and cats and is fine with children. She would make a great companion dog to someone out there looking for a furry best friend.

We found Bonnie currently being cared for by Life4Paws in Winnetka, California. Life4Paws is dedicated to supporting the adoption and rescue of shelter animals. We have chosen West Valley Animal Shelter as our partner in the "Adopt-A-Shelter" program.

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