Meet Brandi!

Brandie is quite the black and white beauty! She is a gorgeous girl, but this was not always the case. When she first came to rescue, Brandie was a raw, red, itchy, balding, inflamed mess of a Frenchie. Now that she’s feeling so much better she’s finally ready to search for her forever family.

This pretty girl was surrendered at a New York City shelter and luckily some of our quick-acting volunteers made sure she made her way to the safety of FBRN. Records showed that she was left there by her former family because they felt they could no longer care for her during her allergic breakouts.

Though her allergies are now under control, any potential adopter should view the pictures below and realize that a new allergic reaction or breakout may happen at any point in the future. Her condition will require vigilance, because her exact triggers are not completely known.

Brandie has never met a stranger; she’s a rambunctious young Frenchie with a wonderful personality, and to say that she’s people-centric can be a bit of an understatement. It is possible that she suffers from some separation anxiety as she will do absolutely anything in her power to follow her people whenever they have to leave the house. She will jump, climb, or do cartwheels across any barrier that stands in her way.

We met Brandi through French Bulldog Rescue Network in Glen Allen, Virginia.

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