Meet Callie!

Callie is a laid-back 6 year old, Merle, female Dane with cropped ears, although they don’t stand quite upright. She was rescued from a questionable breeder in Kansas and is enjoying her new life in a real home. Because of her past, she does not do well with other dogs and will need to be the only dog in her forever family.

Even though she does not get along with other dogs, she absolutely loves to receive affection from her humans and will do whatever it takes to get a pat.

Callie is an aspiring escape artist and just wants to be with her humans. Through no fault of her own, Callie has started to exhibit some signs of separation anxiety (something she didn't do when first arriving in rescue over 6 months ago).

Now that she has landed back into a stable environment, this anxiety seems to be lowered and she is settling in once again. Callie is experiencing children for the first time and absolutely adores them. She especially likes sleeping on their bed as they leave plenty of room for her to sprawl out. She also enjoys kisses from them. Callie is ready to find her forever family so she can live a life of luxury.

We found Callie through Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. They are recognized as a major resource for the welfare of homeless, abandoned and abused companion animals in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming.

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