Meet Debo!

Have you ever been hit by a semi-truck, Debo has!

Hard to believe, but the tough little guy not only survived, he came away from the accident almost as good as new. Although Debo has a little curvature of the spine, which only adds to his cuteness when he wriggles for attention from people.

He got fixed up at the Best Friends clinic after his run-in with the truck. But then his person never came back to bring him home! Debo wriggled day and night, waiting, but he never saw him again.

Debo is a mellow dog, and he likes ladies the best. And he enjoys looking for lizards on his walks. But he really needs to be an only pet, he doesn't like other dogs or cats. Born in just 2007, he hopes it's not too late to find a home again!

We found Debo currently being cared for by Best Friends Animal Society.

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