Meet Mackenzie!

Tiny, tiny, tiny! Mackenzie is just a little girl. She's very pretty and quite sweet. She captured smiles and pats from everyone who saw her at a recent (and her first) Petsmart adoption event.

Her rescuers have not really gotten to know Mackenzie very well, as she is a relative newcomer to rescue, but she was very content to sit in her handler's lap for the duration of the adoption event. From there, her new foster mom took her home to begin the heartworm treatment process. It is doubtful that she'll be ready for adoption before the end of May/beginning of June. She's a sweet girl and will be worth the wait!

We met Mack through Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland in Waldorf, Maryland. Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, Inc., or Beagle Maryland, is a nonprofit corporation founded in April 2001, which helps and finds homes for beagles in need. Our beagles come to us as strays, from shelters, as owner surrenders - and we do all we can to help every beagle in need of help who crosses our path.

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