Meet Poochie!

Poochie is a 4-year-old, beautiful and very sweet Chow who was abandoned at the city shelter when former owners claimed "no time" for her. According to her previous people, Poochie was a "gift" 8 months ago. Poochie is housebroken and "loves men, women, kids and other dogs." Poochie is only 37 lbs and walks very nicely on the leash.

We found Poochie currently being cared for by New Yorkers for Companion Animals (NYCA) in New York, New York. New Yorkers for Companion Animals (NYCA) is a small, nonprofit, volunteer run organization based in New York City's upper east side. The cats and dogs we have up for adoption are all rescued animals. Many are former pets abandoned at city pounds, found on the streets or given up by their owners. Regardless of how an animal comes to us, we provide food, shelter, and medical care.

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