Meet Haricot!

Please don't tell Haricot (pronounced air-ee-koh) that she is a special needs dog. She just simply thinks she is special; she has no idea that her lifestyle is a tad different than that of other Frenchies.

Haricot came to French Bulldog Rescue Network after she had an accident which led to a ruptured disk and surgery, and her family could no longer care for her. Haricot's injury left her with a paralyzed back end, but she has shown quite a bit of improvement during her time in foster care.

Possibly with continued rehabilitation exercises, Haricot will walk again. She needs a special home that will help take care of her needs with physical therapy, including swimming and stretching exercises, massage, regular vet visits, possible chiropractic visits and lots of loving.

We met Haricot through Pets With Disabilities. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the adoption of dogs and cats with disabilities. The organization serves as a shelter and an adoption placement aid for animals that have been injured through trauma or disabled by illness.
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