Meet Princess!

Princess is a striking black, white, and tan medium-haired Belgium Groenendael (a/k/a Belgium Sheepdog) mix. She is a true princess in every form. Princess is a high-energy social girl, and she needs a home with people whom are active or who have another dog for her to run and play with.

Princess has been spayed; is up-to-date on her vaccinations, including her Rabies vaccination; is on flea and tick preventative; and is on heartworm preventative.

We found Princess currently being cared for by Angels' Care Animal Rescue, Inc., in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Meet Marley!

Marley is a 5 month old female border collie/Australian kelpie mix. She was well cared for, but has not been well socialized. Marley doesn't like new situations but adjusts quickly. She will growl at strangers but again adjusts quickly She loves tennis balls and especially loves to play with the other dogs. She does like to bite their hocks.

Marley is a sweet girl who loves attention. She is crate trained and house trained but when she goes outside she gets so busy playing that she sometimes forgets why she was put out. You must watch and make sure she goes potty before you let her back in Marley is a fun dog and would make an excellent agility dog.

We met Marley through Nebraska Border Collie Rescue Inc., in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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Meet Sutton and Sophie!

Sutton and Sophie were abandoned when their owners moved away. As you can see, they are a dirty matted mess! We will update their pictures as soon as we have had them sheared. Sutton was castrated on May 21st and both were vaccinated by our veterinarian. They are very social and "talk" a lot when it is feed time!

Sophie and Sutton are very bonded and must be adopted together.

We found Sophie and Sutton currently being cared for by a foster family with Red Dog Farm in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Meet Rosie!

Rose is a spayed female purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She's about 1 year old, weighs 23 pounds, and has a pretty light sable coat.

Rosie is a typical female Pem - she want to be the Star of the Show. She is a moderately dominant dog - not overly, but enough that we feel she'd fit best with an owner possessing former experience with a strong-willed female herding dog, preferably a corgi.

We found Rosie currently being cared for by the folks at Four Paws Corgo Rescue.

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Meet Lucy McNab!

Lucy is likely a McNab Border Collie, which is defined by her bobbed tail and strong herding drive. She's about one year old and is located in Shedd, Oregon. She had a rough start for a 10 month old pup coming into rescue after chasing loose chickens in the yard. Her owners had placed her on a heavy tie out chain, certainly not the place for a tender little pup. It was good they were willing to part with her.

Lucy is spayed, microchipped and ready for a new home. She was very clingy when she first arrived, but adjusted to the pack quickly. She is the fastest dog on the farm, has a good recall, and appears to be housebroken. Lucy should have a Border Collie savvy owner who can take advantage of her talents. She will want to be with her humans as much a possible.

We found Lucy currently being cared for by a foster family with Shedd Border Collie Rescue in Shedd, Oregon.

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Meet Bree!

Bree is a beautiful blue merle border collie, about 3 years old. She has a blue spot in one brown eye that gives her a "Twinkle in her Eye."

Bree has been great with the other dogs, she is good with the cats but once in awhile she would like to give chase but call's off nicely. Bree is house trained, crate trained, loves to ride in the car, not food aggressive, knows sit, takes treats nicely and has a decent recall.

Bree loves to play ball and Frisbee, with other dogs here to play with she hasn't shown any interest in playing ball. Bree would be good to go out for a game of ball/Frisbee and isn't OCD, which is a good quality to have.

Bree will chase a car that drives by but I can call her off from the chase. With very few cars that drive by here she is learning that car chasing is not a good quality to have. She doesn't like dogs on the other side of the fence but if we let them come in they are her new best friends.

Bree has a big happy attitude, is not barky but will alert to something new in the yard. Bree has a great "shut off" when coming in the house and is happy to lay at your feet or if you are up for a good snuggle she is the one for the job.

Bree will be a great hiking buddy, maybe an agility star, or is it freestyle???

Bree is said not to be good with young children. I have not witnessed this myself, and with her activity level I would not place her with toddlers.

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Meet Twist!

Twist is a purebred Australian cattledog/blue heeler, about 1-2 years old. If you know and love this breed, you will love Twist!

Twist is housetrained, crate trained. and knows her basic obedience. When you call Twist to 'come', she is at your side within seconds. Once you have earned Twist's respect, she will be your friend for life and there is nothing she would not do for you. Twist gets along fairly well with other dogs.

Her rescue pawrents consider her to be a middle-of-the-pack type of canine. She doesn't have to be the boss, but will take over if no one else wants the role. She is currently living with both male and female German shepherds and border collies and is happy to be part of the gang.

This is a loyal and obedient little dog that loves to go for rides and can be found sitting in her foster mom's open vehicle any time she is given the chance. Twist's favorite place to be is at her human's side. Her weight is approximately 27 pounds.

This is an intense, intelligent, active dog and she will need an active family. Good thing is you won't need to look at Colonix reviews, you'll be so fit having Twist around, because she will require daily exercise and would excel at almost any dog sport. She is a team player!

We found Twist currently being cared for by the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue.

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Meet Maxie!

Maxxie was born 1/29/08 and weighs about 80 lbs. She is a bouncy, happy girl that simply adores romping with the other dogs. She is a bit on the rough side so putting her in a home with small dogs and cats are probably not a good match.

Maxxie is not great on leash so a fenced yard and another playful dog would be her ideal situation. She does love to go for rides, but may need a doggie seat belt to keep her off your lap. She was surrendered to us because her family felt they could not give her the time and attention she needed once she grew into the rather large dog that she is today.

We found Maxxie currently being cared for by Joyful Rescues in Cuba, New York.

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Meet Evidence of Love!

If any dog ever needed to be shown evidence of love and human kindness, it's this girl. She was spotted by a good Samaritan frantically swimming in a cold north Georgia mountain lake.

After being pulled out by the woman, she would bay and swim back to the same spot in the lake time after time. Exhausted and so cold, she finally allowed herself to be taken away from the shore. After a full checkup, the emergency vet determined that she had whelped puppies within a day or so of being found in the lake.

The vet concluded that someone dumped this dog and threw her pups in the lake, which would explain her desperation to return to the frigid waters. None of the lake residents had ever seen her before and believed it was impossible for her and newborn puppies to have gotten to the shore on their own. The emergency vet tech contacted Rescue and she is now safely in foster care in Atlanta.

Evidence of Love is an AKC girl about 1 year of age. She will sit, eyes closed, having her head and ears stroked for as long as the petting will continue. After being cautious for the first few days in her foster home, she now eagerly seeks out affection. She currently weighs 50 lbs and is at least 10-15 lbs underweight. She likes to play with other dogs, and is fine with the cats. She is crate-trained and quickly caught on to house-training. You will most certainly want to get additional computer memory so you'll have plenty of space for the wonderful pictures you will be taking!

The emergency vet also determined that both rear knees will need surgery to repair luxating (dislocating) kneecaps. She is unable to straighten either leg now and walks with her rear legs in a bent position. She should make a complete recovery after surgery. The cost of the repair to both knees will be at least $2,500-3,000. Her rescue caretakers realize that everyone's financial position is tight these days, but they would sincerely appreciate any donation to help us cover the cost of her surgery.

We found Evidence of Love currently being cared for by American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue.

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Meet Cali!

This is Cali (lovingly nicknamed Peanut by her foster parents) had a very rough start. She is medically sound now, and shouldn't require medication, but she will always be a little different than most other dogs.

She is a little uncoordinated, un-focused, and takes awhile to learn things. Having said that, this little (25lb.) pup will keep a smile on your face that you won't be able to lose. Her little quirks don't affect her at all, she is just a little different. She also doesn't bark, only when she has a chew or bone does she bark, while she is chewing it. Peanut is all Love. She is happy just trotting around by herself all day exploring. She is a vocal player like most dogs, but is the most happy-go-lucky pups I have ever come across.

We met Cali through Smilin' Pitbull Rescue in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Meet Sierra!

Sierra is a lovely Shepherd, Kuvasz mix. Doomed to die in the shelter, this gal had been passed over by every GSD rescue as she is a mix.

This poor girl was going to be put to sleep, but the rescue volunteer felt she was highly adoptable. She is white, soft eared and of course such a sweetie. And with this ball of energy you sure won't even consider looking into diet pills!

We found Sierra currently being cared for by Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California, in Irvine, California.

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Meet Eva!

Eva is a lovely, gentle, calm and sweet girl who is about 5 years old. She is good on her leash and ever so thrilled when the volunteers go over to her cage to walk her. She immediately starts wagging her tail and she does this little dance.

Eva was on the euth list. For those who do not know what this means, it means that she was in the city shelter and being there was no room and no one to adopt her, she was slated to be put down. How very, very sad. Well thank goodness this is behind her.

Eva is great in the car and needs someone who will show her some attention and love. She's a little nervous at the shelter, but this is to be expected. She is never aggressive - always has her tail wagging. She does need to lose some weight and we are working on that. It may be best if she is your only pooch, but we would have to introduce her to really see. If she is your only dog, that's ok because she is all you need. Eva will become your best bud in no time - why not come and meet her?

We found Eva currently being cared for by Bobbi & the Strays in Ozone Park, New York.

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Meet Elnar!

Elnar is a wonderful tan-and-black Pug mix who weighs 14 1/2 pounds. He was turned over to SmallDog Rescue by another agency after being saved from a local animal shelter.

Their vet and ours think Elnar is 10 years old, but don't tell him! He's certain he's half that age. He certainly acts like a 5 year old. Elnar is a super-duper boy who gets along great with other dogs and loves people. What more could you ask for? All he needs now is the right forever home.

We found Elnar currently being cared for by SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Meet Duke!

Duke comes to Pug Rescue Network via Ohio Pug Rescue because there was more space available to better give him the care and attention he deserves. Duke is a good looking, (although a little skinny) playful 5 year old boy. He is housebroken and crate trained.

He is turning out to be a real cuddler and loves to have his belly rubbed. Not much information came with Duke so he will be evaluated so they know what would be the best home for Duke to be placed in. So far he has been very well behaved and well mannered. Duke has already seen the vet and was brought up to date on his shots. He is being treated for hookworm and once that is cleared up he will be neutered and microchipped.

We met Duke through The Pug Rescue in Walled Lake, Michigan.

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Meet Bacall and Bogey!

This is Bacall!

Bacall and Bogey came in together. The rescue folks aren’t 100% sure if they are siblings, littermates or even mother/son or father/daughter. But one thing is sure, they are not only very bonded to each other, they are completely adorable in general!

They are about 3 years old and appear to be housebroken or nearly so. And they love everybody! They couldn’t be cuter if they tried. Because they are so devoted to each other, their rescuers will be looking for a home willing to take them both so they are never separated!

We found these two cuties currently being cared for by Bartholomew County Humane Society in Columbus, Indiana.

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Meet Spots!

This soon to be big girl is adorable! She plays with her foster's (very patient) dog-trained cat, and other dogs. She is showing signs of being great watch dog, and loves respectful children and has endless energy. She has basically housetrained herself. The wrinkly face shows that daddy had a lot of Shar-Pei in him.

She has been fostered from the age of three weeks, along with Momma (who may already be placed, due to her excellent temperament! She is a collie cross). Spots is about nine weeks old and thoroughly socialized showing no signs of aggression. This girl is a chewer. Her foster pawrents deal with this by providing appropriate chewies, and it has worked like a charm!

Spots would work well in a busy multi animal household with kids, too!

We found Spots currently being cared for by Sheltered Paws Dog Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Meet Shiloh!

Shiloh is an 11 month old Shepherd/Malamute mix with brown eyes. His owner, due to medical issues, was forced to give Shiloh up. He's shy when you first meet him, but really wants to please and has lived with little kids before.

Shiloh is looking for a home that will hike with him, jog with him and generally just be his friend and companion. He'll keep you in good shape so there won't be any need to look into a phenphedrine review. He also would really like it if you have another dog to keep him company, while you go out off to work.

We found Shiloh currently being cared for by Snow Dog Rescue in Inland Empire, California.

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Meet Beppe!

This little doodle bug is energetic and cute as a button. He will require a course in manners classes (just like all youngsters) but with his quick smart temperament, he will be the star of class (not to mention the cutest one in class!).

Beppe will be a great addition as a second dog (as he loves his canine friends) or as the king of the palace as an only doodley dog!

We met Beppe through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Cincinnati,Inc., in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Meet Gypsy!

While returning dogs to a temple community near their Health Center, a SCAD kennel hand spotted pretty little Gypsy sitting to one side, curiously watching events.

When he approached her, he saw that she had a large lump on her withers, so he took her back to the rescues vet for assessment. The lump was an abscess, and she was lucky to have received attention when she did as the infection was serious.

Gypsy has a lovely, soft cream-colored coat with a broad, distinctive ridge of hair along her spine which is characteristic of the Thai Ridgeback breed.

Gypsy has emerged into a very playful and lively pup. She loves to wrestle with her kennel mates and shares food and toys without a problem. She also likes to go for a quick dip into the paddling pool on a hot day. Gypsy also has a very unique bark which makes her stand out from the rest of the pack and is quite vocal for a youngster. Gypsy has also shown that she is a good alarm dog, however she is not aggressive about it, she just likes to tell everyone that someone is here.

We found Gypsy currently being cared for by SCAD Bangkok in Haydenville, Massachusetts.

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Meet Butterscotch!

Butterscotch is a 3 1/2 month old male welsh terrier mix. He has the most adorable ears that stand up when something catches his attention.

He also has scars from an embedded collar, but that doesn't phase him in the least because he knows he's beautiful. He has a great personality, is very loving and affectionate.

We found Butterscotch currently being cared for by the Petersburg Animal Shelter in Petersburg, Virginia.

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Meet Pepper!

Pepper is a senior poodle/terrier mix who was abandoned at the shelter by his owner. He is having a very hard time dealing with this and grieving for the loss of his previous home.

His rescuers are looking for a foster home or a forever home where he can spend his golden years in peace.

We found Pepper currently being cared for in Anderson, Indiana.

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Meet MoeJoe!

Moe was found hiding under a car and living on the streets of LA for weeks - hungry, dirty and very scared.

He's a Lhasa Apso/Shitzu mix under 2 years old, loving, playful and smart! He had to get a close haircut after living on the street but is working on getting his fluffy look back! He has the dominant personality of this breed which was originally bred to guarding Buddhist Monks in Tibet many moons ago!

Moe's recue is looking for an adult home that has experience with Lhasas and is willing to help socialize him, and has the patience to go slow and work on his obedience. He weighs 14 pounds, loves to walk, play with other dogs, and is even good with cats! Moe is housebroken, neutered and current on vaccines. He's looking for love and laughter in an a home that is familiar with his unique characteristics and charm!

We found MoeJoe currently being cared for by The Rescue Train in Burbank, California.

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Meet Hannah!

To be honest, we really don't know what breed Hannah is. All we know is she's a big girl! (Currently 76 pounds & growing.)

Hannah was found as a stray in a hospital parking lot on the Navajo reserve near Chinle, Arizona by a local pediatrician who took her in and cared for her in her home.

Hannah has been vet checked, vaccinated, and spayed. She is definitely still a puppy as she loves to play all day long. Hannah is great with other dogs & cats. She does require a home with a lot of space. (No apartments.) Hannah will be making the trip from Arizona to Seattle then up to Vancouver in the beginning of May.

We found Hannah currently being cared for by The Penny Foundation in Vancouver, British, Columbia.

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Meet Cooper!

Cooper is a lover that is eager to please. He's a people dog that will lean against your leg to get an ear scratch. He is two years old and was rescued from the East Valley shelter.

His love of water and markings lead us to believe he's got some Leonberger (a German water dog) mixed in. He is an amazing athlete in the water but water sports are not a requirement, he's just looking for love.

He's an affectionate social guy, not to mention handsome. He would do well in an active home with a yard to play in. And if he gets a little too active, you can always look into Rimadyl. He is housebroken, neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped. He could live with a female dog his size (but not happy with males trying to dominate him.) Can you open your heart and home to Cooper? In return you'll get a life time of unconditional love and devotion!

We found Cooper currently being cared for by The Rescue Train in Burbank, California.

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Meet Fergus!

Fergus is an adorable guy. We don't know where he came from but, he sure knows how to make himself right at home!

Fergus has a scruffy, cute look (like a Disney movie). When Fergus came into rescue he had been hit by a car and had a damaged ankle, which has now been repaired.

He is now ready for a forever home. Will It Be Your Home??? This guy is a lover and gets along with everyone. For safety he must have a fenced yard.

We found Fergus currently being cared for by Saint Francis Dog Rescue in Rochester, Michigan.

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Meet Tuffy!

Tuffy is an owner surrender because the family couldn't take care of the dogs anymore. Tuffy may be a Pomeranian, but also resembles a German Spitz. He is 10 months old. What a great little dog for someone who would like a small friendly dog.

We found Tuffy currently being cared for by Pintler Pets Humane Society in Anaconda, Montana.

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Meet Meena!

Are you an active person, looking for some company, then consider bringing Meena into your home.

Meena is a very loving, female 4 year old ( BD on 2/14/04) American Eskimo. She is up to date on shots, is heartworm negative, on preventative, spayed, and free from parasites. She is ok with friendly dogs but is possessive of her things and food and would be happier if she is the only dog in the house. She does chase cats.

Meena is young and has a lot of energy, needs to go to a home familiar with this breed, where there is a fenced in yard and adults dedicated to giving her love and training. She should not go to a home with children.

We found Meena currently being cared for by Homeward Bound Rescue of NJ in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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Meet Tookie!

Tookie is a 3 year old Jindo, adopted as a puppy and returned twice already, once because her family was moving and the second time because she was behaving like a typical jindo, not accepting strangers in her home. She would do best in a home that has experience with this breed or similar breeds as an only pet.

People must understand that Jindos aren't usually friendly at first. You need to spend time with them and earn their trust. They are bred to be protective and usually loyal to one or two people or a family. It shouldn't be held against her if she exhibits "acceptable" levels of breed traits. But, Jindo's are so smart they never need a memory stick!

We met Tookie through Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, New Jersey.

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Meet Benji!

Benji is a super-cutie! We're not sure what breed he is exactly, he might be a mix. He looks a lot like a Westie, and / or a Coton de Tulear. Benji is sweet and cuddly, loves attention and never fails to make people smile.

We found Benji currently being cared for by the City of Manteca Animal Shelter in Manteca, California.

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Meet Cowboy!

Cowboy is a gorgeous white with black Scottish Deerhound Borzoi male puppy. Cowboy came to us in partnership with a group of California shelters regulating breeders. When our driver went to pick up Cowboy and his sister, Cowgirl, they were 4 weeks old and in a pasture face to face with a COW!

Thank goodness they were not stepped on and squished, because they were so tiny they could stand in our hands. Cowboy is gorgeous and sweet and has been a lover since the minute he arrived. He is outgoing and confident and thinks he is "All That" and we think so, too. We will make sure to find him the best home on earth who will appreciate him and love him forever!

We met Cowboy through Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions in Norco, California.

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Meet Bella!

Bella is a beautiful four year-old blue and white female. She has such big warm brown eyes, you can't help but fall in love with her! She’s a larger dog, weighing in at 20 lbs. Bella was a mill dog kept in a cage for the first four years of her life without human interaction, so she is still adjusting to her newly found freedom.

She’s shy but incredibly sweet and mild-mannered, and she loves gentle affection from her humans. She interacts well with the other IGs in her foster home, but we think she would do well as an only dog, too.

Bella doesn’t yet understand the concept of treats, playing with toys, and other doggy luxuries, but she’s making great strides every day! Bella is working on trusting humans and will need an experienced owner who has the willingness and patience to earn her trust and work with her on adapting to domesticated life.

Bella would not do well in a high-energy/noisy home or a home with small children. Bella crates beautifully, travels well, and is doing a great job learning to walk on a leash.

We met Bella through Italian Greyhound Rescue Ohio in Liberty Township, Ohio.

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