Meet Bree!

Bree is a beautiful blue merle border collie, about 3 years old. She has a blue spot in one brown eye that gives her a "Twinkle in her Eye."

Bree has been great with the other dogs, she is good with the cats but once in awhile she would like to give chase but call's off nicely. Bree is house trained, crate trained, loves to ride in the car, not food aggressive, knows sit, takes treats nicely and has a decent recall.

Bree loves to play ball and Frisbee, with other dogs here to play with she hasn't shown any interest in playing ball. Bree would be good to go out for a game of ball/Frisbee and isn't OCD, which is a good quality to have.

Bree will chase a car that drives by but I can call her off from the chase. With very few cars that drive by here she is learning that car chasing is not a good quality to have. She doesn't like dogs on the other side of the fence but if we let them come in they are her new best friends.

Bree has a big happy attitude, is not barky but will alert to something new in the yard. Bree has a great "shut off" when coming in the house and is happy to lay at your feet or if you are up for a good snuggle she is the one for the job.

Bree will be a great hiking buddy, maybe an agility star, or is it freestyle???

Bree is said not to be good with young children. I have not witnessed this myself, and with her activity level I would not place her with toddlers.

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