Meet Cali!

This is Cali (lovingly nicknamed Peanut by her foster parents) had a very rough start. She is medically sound now, and shouldn't require medication, but she will always be a little different than most other dogs.

She is a little uncoordinated, un-focused, and takes awhile to learn things. Having said that, this little (25lb.) pup will keep a smile on your face that you won't be able to lose. Her little quirks don't affect her at all, she is just a little different. She also doesn't bark, only when she has a chew or bone does she bark, while she is chewing it. Peanut is all Love. She is happy just trotting around by herself all day exploring. She is a vocal player like most dogs, but is the most happy-go-lucky pups I have ever come across.

We met Cali through Smilin' Pitbull Rescue in Stamford, Connecticut.

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