Meet Lucy McNab!

Lucy is likely a McNab Border Collie, which is defined by her bobbed tail and strong herding drive. She's about one year old and is located in Shedd, Oregon. She had a rough start for a 10 month old pup coming into rescue after chasing loose chickens in the yard. Her owners had placed her on a heavy tie out chain, certainly not the place for a tender little pup. It was good they were willing to part with her.

Lucy is spayed, microchipped and ready for a new home. She was very clingy when she first arrived, but adjusted to the pack quickly. She is the fastest dog on the farm, has a good recall, and appears to be housebroken. Lucy should have a Border Collie savvy owner who can take advantage of her talents. She will want to be with her humans as much a possible.

We found Lucy currently being cared for by a foster family with Shedd Border Collie Rescue in Shedd, Oregon.

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